Health Testing

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Elbow Dysplasia Scheme - British Veterinary Association 


Updated information on hereditary eye diseases in dogs

Eye scheme :


Primary Glaucoma and Goniodygenesis :

Gonioscopy Grading Scheme Updates (December 2017): Click here and here.  If you have any queries regarding these updates please contact Liz Branscombe, contact details on the Contacts page.

Health Testing of Imported Dogs

Please refer to Point 16 of the Societys' Code of Ethics  


Interpretation and use BVA/KC Hip scores in dogs

Comparison of Assessment Schemes

Median versus mean scores

Patellar Luxation:

The Health Sub-Committee are gathering information on Flatcoats that have been diagnosed with patellar luxation, including those that have received surgery, with a view to sending to an orthopaedic specialist for their evaluation.  If you have been in the unfortunate position of having your dogs diagnosed with this condition past or present, it would be appreciated if you would send us a 5 generation pedigree, and complete the Health Form downloadable from the  Health Home page  or click here.

The Flatcoated Retriever Society's Screening Scheme for Patellar Luxation 


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