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Cotswold Area GWT – 31.3.07

Venue:   Miserden Estate, Stroud, Glos
Judges:  Basil Smith (B2635), Nick Coates, Richard Ashdown, Rob Willatts

 PUPPY (7 entries – breed only)

1st    Paul Egginton’s Tachumshin Lord of the Dance to Pajanbeck FCR D 27.02.06

2nd   Richard Hewison’s Casblaidd Juniper FCR Bitch 20.04.06
         (GrWkg Ch Aragon Umbra Fida x Casblaidd Foggy Dew)  H/O

 AV NOVICE DOG/NOVICE HANDLER (13 entries – 11 FCRs, 1 Lab and 1 C Bay)

1st    Nicky Wellfair’s River Trix FCR B 20.02.05
         (Campnight Sky of Twill x Black Venus)  H/O

2nd   Christine Robertson’s Silver Thuja FCR B 18.06.04 
         (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Western Hemlock)  H/O

3rd    Kevin Jarrod’s Dealminster Flint Lab D 09.11.04
         (Flyline Clint x Dealminster Domino)   H/O

4th    John Egan’s Amber Lochside Lad CB D 08.12.03 
         (Local Hero of Pennan x Barnbow Punt Gunner)  H/O

CoM  Louise Simmonds’ Warpersmoss Viceroy FCR D 11.02.05
         (Campnight Sky of Twill x Vaewill Cascade of Warpersmoss)  H/O

NOVICE (30 entries – breed only)

1st    Sue Redpath’s Varingo Devada of Dufftown FCR D 24.05.02
         (Varingo Richboy x Fern Bank at Varingo)  H/O

2nd   Vivienne Gatter’s Lambton Walsingham D 31.12.02
         (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Lambton Jamo Binti)  H/O

3rd   Sue Jones’ Gayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich D 14.07.01
        (Sh Ch Gayplume Dream-Maker x Sh Ch Gayplume Pure Style)  H/O

4th    Gill Awty’s Rainbow Queen B 20.02.05 
         (Campnight Sky of Twill x Black Venus)  H/O

CoM  Ian Kimberley’s Parsifal Prospect FCR 12.05.01
         (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Exclyst Dolly Mixture of Parsifal)  H/O

AV OPEN (20 entries, 1 absent – 4 FCRs, 12 Labs and 3 GRs)

1st    Vicki Bruton’s Olivertash Mac Lab D 14.02.02 
         (FT Ch Brindlebay Bee x FT Ch Hatchfield Fern)   H/O 
         (This is the second year running Vicki and Mac have won this test)

2nd   Alex Badger’s Greyhill Sandpiper Lab D 19.03.04
         (Willowyck Jack Snipe x Greyhill Pebble)  H/O

3rd   Gill Wright’s Kilpen Domino Lab D 06.05.01
        (Greyhill Piper x Mansditch Elizabeth)   H/O

4th    Nick Rees’ Olivertash Harvey of Whistlewinds Lab D 19.06.04
         (FT Ch Flyline Clint x Olivertash Mist)  H/O

CoM  Laurina Blankenspoor’s Childre Fennel with Cleynhehage GR B 13.11.99
         (Crosshill Baron x Cleynehage Dan-de-Lion)  H/O