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Rescue, Rehousing and Welfare Scheme

The objectives of the Scheme, which has its own website, www.flatcoatrescue.co.uk, are to place in loving, caring homes, Flatcoated Retrievers that due to unfortunate or unforseen circumstances require rehousing and to assist, where possible and/or appropriate, with welfare matters concerning Flatcoated Retrievers.  Please note the Scheme will assist any Flatcoated Retriever and its Owner/Breeder, in confidence, whether or not the Owner/Breeder is a member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.

If you know of a Flatcoated Retriever in need of assistance, please contact the relevant Scheme Representative. Assistance may be given to an Owner/Breeder who wishes to take responsibility for a rehousing, regarding possible future owners from the scheme’s waiting list. Alternatively the scheme may take in and house any Flatcoated Retriever (especially urgent cases or Flatcoats with behavioural or other problems).

If you know of a good home that is suitable for a Flatcoated Retriever which has to be rehoused, please contact Brian Jones who keeps a central register of available homes, so that the right home for the right dog can be found, no matter where they are in the country.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you may be able to transport or foster a Flatcoated Retriever or would like to assist the Scheme in any way.

The Scheme operates on its own merit and is self-supporting through fund-raising and donations.

CODE OF PRACTISE: The Scheme’s Code of Practice, published in the 1993 and 2000 Yearbooks, was approved by the Scheme’s Representatives and the General Committee of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.

Chairperson: Inger Alexanderson (0208 4606055)
National Co-Ordinator: Brian Jones (Tel: 01530 834318)
Treasurer Jenny Morgan (01686 630692)

Area Representatives: (For contact information, please refer to the Membership List or Year Book)

South West: 
Lindy Creighton-Clarke (Tel. 01208 851406)
South East: Inger Alexanderson (0208 4606055)
South and Mid West: Brian Izzard (01425 673082)

Central Midlands:  Brian and Jane Jones (01530 834318)

East Anglia: Pam Stanley (01277 622823)
Lincolnshire & Notts:
Helen Fox (Tel. 01777 818043)
Central England: Jo Montandon (07909626217)
North West England: Hilary Buckley (01457 764174)

North Wales: Jenny Morgan (01686630692)

Yorkshire: Debbie White (01757 228268)

Northern England: Beth Hills (0191 2526507)
Ireland North: Felicity O’Neill (02891 463982)

Ireland South: Janet Swaile (003 53404 68366)

Scotland: Senga Thorpe (07788 708708)