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AV GWT Awards – 2007

Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club AV Novice 

Judges:  Jeff Boston, Sean McGrath and Chris Wingfield


1st      Caroline Hewison's Harvest Moon of Casblaidd  B  13.3.04

           (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Cheweys Chocolate Chip)



COM:  Julie Matthews' Astravia Saffrons Spirit at Ollerset  B  19.1.05

           (Shiredale Lord of the Rings x Eskmill Non Pareil)

           handled by Gary Ellison


Utility Gundog Society (Surrey, West Sussex and Hants Branch)

Venue:  Heyshott, Petworth, West Sussex

Judges: Nick Coates, Gay Marshall, Sue Chapman, Eileen Ayling




2nd     Lyn Irwin's Bumblyn Witchhazel  B  17.8.06

           (Trioaks Fletcher x Bumblyn Morrannon)





2nd    Gay Kennedy's Bumblyn Frea  B  6.3.04

          (Casblaidd Gamerights x Bumbly Mrs Willy Nilly)

          H/O   B:  Lyn Irwin


Isle of Wight Working Gundog Club AV Novice – 2.9.07

Venue:  Gatscombe, Isle of Wight

Judges:  Joy Venturi-Rose, Chris Rose


3rd     Lyn Irwin's Bumblyn Bree  B 6.3.04

          (Casblaidd Game Rights x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)



4th     Jo Hewison's Breedon Bertie from Casblaidd  D  7.10.04

         (Casblaidd Game Rights x Wayworthy Mandora)

          H: Richard Hewison   O: Mrs Hewison   B: Mrs Casebourne


SEGS AV Novice run on FT lines – 18.8.07

Venue:  Popes Oak Farm, Sussex

Judges:  Joy Venturi-Rose, Gwen Butcher, Roger Wade and Kieran Smith


3rd     Gay Kennedy's Bumblyn Frea B 6.3.04

          (Casblaidd Game Rights x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)

          H/O/  B: Lyn Irwin


UGS (Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire Branch) AV Novice – 16.6.07

Venue:  Rudgwick, West Sussex

Judges:  Mark Lucas, Nigel Stentiford and Graham Home


3rd     Lyn Irwin's Bumblyn Bree B 6.3.04

          (Casblaidd Game Rights x Bumblyn Mrs Willy NIlly) 



4th     Lyn Irwin's Bumblyn Morrannon B 28.4.03

          (Flood of Laughter x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly) 



Arun and Downland AV Brace – 30.6.07

Venue:  Drovers Estate, Singleton, West Sussex

Judges: Christine Bridgwater and Andy Robinson


4th      Lyn Irwin's Bumblyn Bree and Bumblyn Morrannon (details as above)