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Midlands Area GWT – 1.9.07

Venue:  Wishaw Country Sports, Grounds Farm, Wishaw

Judges: Gill Smith, Peter Forster, John Taberer, Derek Churchard

SPECIAL PUPPY (11 entries, 1 absent)


1st      Steeplehouse Live the Dream  D  2.8.06

           (Pajanbeck Forever Young x Rainsgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse)

           H: Margaret Melrose   O: Mr and Mrs Melrose   B: Mr and Mrs Collins


2nd     Casblaidd Juniper  B  20.4.06

           (German Working Ch Aragon Umbra Fida x Casblaidd Foggy Dew)

           H: Jo Hewison   O: Mr and Mrs Hewison   B: hewison and Kuse


3rd     Steeplehouse Dusky Dreamer  B  2.8.06

           (Pajanbeck Forever Young x Rainsgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse)

           H/O: Anne Barnett   B: Mr and Mrs Collins


4th      Wizardwood Tawny Tassel  B  13.12.05

           (Falconcliffe Fired Earth x Wizardwood Tawny Tweed)

           H/O: Mo Sweet   B: Mr and Mrs Forster


COM   Rehyrb Flintoff B  4.9.05

           (Lewcombe Cedar of Cannimore x Rehyrb Kumble)

           H: Kath Friday   O: Mr and Mrs Friday   B: Mrs Alexander 



NOVICE  (29 entries, 4 absent, 1 NFC)


1st      Parsifal Parade of Necessares  B 10.4.04

           (Trioaks Fletcher x Parsifal Picture)

           H/O: Graham Clelland   B: Mrs Ward


2nd     Ridlands Bounty  B  24.7.03

           (Varingo Richboy x Black Widdow)

           H/O: Helen Smith   B: Mr Waddingham


3rd:     Lambton Walsingham  D  31.12.02

           (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Lambton Jambo Binti)

           H/O: Vivienne Gatter   B: Mrs Brown


4th      River Trix  B 20.2.05

           (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Black Venus)

           H/O/B: Veronica Wellfair


COM:   Vortex Tornado at Misticmaker  D  28.1.05

            (Yonsaff Rambler for Cleovine x Dark Star from Vortex)

            H: Casper Jonsen   O: Mr and Mrs Jonsen   B: Mr Jones


            Hawksthorn Damson  B  23.4.05

            (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Hawksthorn Damselfly)

            H/O/B: Lisa Harris