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Wessex Area GWT – 20.7.08

Venue:    Chamberlaynes Farm, Bere Regis, Dorset

Judges:   Graham Stanley (B1920), Lisa Harris and Hilary Rosser


Novice Dog/Novice Handler (8 entries)


1st          Louise Simmons' Warpermoss Viceroy  D  11.2.05

               (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Gaewill Cascade)

               H/O  B:  Mrs P Robertson


2nd        Anna Yates' Cleirwy Ci Bach  D  11.6.05

              (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Morwena Bringer of Dreams for Cleirwy)


AV Novice (15 entries, 2 absent – 10 Flatcoats, 3 Labs)


1st         Not awarded


2nd        Mrs S Wood's Brockweir Breeze  Lab D  5.3.06

              (Wingsham Tinder of Smithsteads x FTCh Brockweir Rosemary)

              H/O  B: Mrs D Wiggins


3rd        Mrs F Green's Ashoaks Ruby Tuesday  Lab B  27.3.05

             (Longcopse Oak x Ashoaks Constance)



4th        Mrs T Wodward's Ashoaks Tikka  Lab B  11.4.03

             (Gospelash Dale x Ashoaks Constance)

             H/O  B: Mrs F Green


AV Open  (12 entries, 1 absent – 6 Flatcoats, 3 Labradors, 1 Golden and 1 Chesapeake Bay)


1st        Miss G Yates' Swinbrook Jewel  Lab B 4.6.05

             (FTCh Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway x Swinbrook Grace)

             H/O  B: Mr P White


2nd       Mrs F Green's Ashoaks Linnet  Lab B  19.4.01

             (Weddingham Golden Wonder x Ashoaks Constance)



AV Brace (6 entries – 1 Flatcoat team, 3 Labrador teams and 2 Golden Retriever teams)


1st        Miss G Yates' Labradors Manymills Black Duck and Swinbrook Jewel 


2nd       Mrs F Green's Labradors Asholaks Linnet and Ashoaks Ruby Tuesday 


3rd=      Mr and Mrs R Wort's Golden Retrievers Danshelltawa of Auro and Catcombe

             Calceolaria of Auro and Mr and Mrs R Wort's Golden Retrievers Danshell

             Manawa of Auro and Auro Rimu