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Dog CC: Henesey's Ir Ch Clandrift Dark Legend JW

Res Dog CC: Voorneweld-Smoronburg's NED/LUX/GE Wagging Tails Rolph Muntz

Bitch CC: Smitherman's Ch Levelmoor Lanosa of Seaheart

Res Bitch CC: Boerman's NED Ch Brightmoor Irish Mist

Best Puppy: Young's Ballyriver MacKenzie


Veteran Dog (20 entries, 6 absent): Voorneweld-Smoronburg's NED/LUX/GE Wagging Tails Rolph Muntz

Veteran Bitch (32 entries, 2 absent)Ross' Sh Ch Islstrom Farranta


Special Puppy Dog (10 entries, 0 absent): Young's Ballyriver MacKenzie

Special Puppy Bitch (9 entries, 1 absent)Mangham's Onyxro Elara


Special Junior Dog (14 entries, 0 absent)Tomlinson's Rainesgift Over the Moon

Special Junior Bitch (17 entries, 3 absent)Rudin's Cassiopi Free Time with Suford


Yearling Dog (21 entries, 4 absent)Allen's Woodavens Crackerjack JW

Yearling Bitch (22 entries, 2 absent)Walker and Roberts' Gloi Dubh Andrasta JW


Undergraduate Dog (21 entries, 1 absent)Holland's Flatcharm Diamond Geezer

Undergraduate Bitch (27 entries, 13 absent): Price's Llantrussa Chiquitita


Graduate Dog (12 entries, 0 absent): Brady's Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot 

Graduate Bitch (19 entries, 2 absent): Walker and Roberts' Gloi Dubh Andrasta JW


Post Graduate Dog (15 entries, 1 absent): Bott's Torrweaving Merryman at Maseloch JW ShCM

Post Graduate Bitch (21 entries, 9 absent): Jury's Truly Madly Deeply to Torwood


Mid Limit Dog (16 entries, 1 absent): Jones' Braemist Ocean Kestrel

Mid Limit Bitch (18 entries, 6 absent): Harrison's Blacktoft Black Bottom Girl


Limit Dog (17 entries, 1 absent): Harrison's Madison Reedmace

Limit Bitch (21 entries, 6 absent): Candler's Irish Molly of Capeldewi


Open Dog (16 entries, 1 absent): Vassbotn's NU/SU Ch Almanza Your Wish is My Command

Open Bitch (22 entries, 7 absent): Boerman's NED Ch Brightmoor Irish Mist


Field Trial Dog (2 entries, 0 absent): Travers' Belsud Brown Burgundy

Field Trial Bitch (2 entries, 0 absent): Player's Wayworthy Baby Spice


Special Working Gundog Dog (11 entries, 0 absent): Henesey's Ir Ch Clandrift Dark Legend JW

Special Working Gundog Bitch (9 entries, 3 absent): Smitherman's Ch Levelmoor Lanosa of Seaheart


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (14 entries, 0 absent): Wright's Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (20 entries, 6 absent): Fox's Wistosa Sings the Blues to Blacktoft


For more detailed results of each class, please go the Kennel Club or Fosse Data website