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European and Irish Working Results

Netherlands Retriever Club CACT Open Field Trial Championship

(for 12 dogs)

12th August, 2010

Judges: P Barlke and W van Doorn


Very Good:  Johann van Middelaar's Cath's Silver Tuva  FCR B  26.4.06

                    (NH Ch Pumpans Silver Doctor x Hinnared's Highly)

                    H: C Tallberg


Good:          Niel Broszat's Lowlands Black Energy Fire Flint  FCR B  29.1.05

                    (Starworkers Dancer in the Dark x Lowlands Black Energy Fin Faith-lin)

                    H: W Firet-Dijkstra  


Johan tells me that they are "very proud because it is long time since a Flatcoat has had a qualification 'Very Good' at a CACT Open Stake Field Trial" – well done!



Swedish Flatcoated Retriever Championships

7th and 8th August, 2010


Youngster Class (up to 2 years old)


1st               Patricia Kodepojkarna's Gilliam's Gold One of a Kind  D  8.8.09

                    (Breedon Bertie from Casblaidd x Gilliam's Gold the One and Only)

                    H/O  B: Karen Friberg


There were 57 entries and only five dogs were taken through to the second day so an excellent result and congratulations to Patricia who says that "The Swedish Flatcoated Championship is considered very, very prestigeous to win and after the winner of the Elite class, the youngster class is the second most prestigeous"



Irish Flatcoated Retriever Society's Charity Working Test

Judges: Messrs M Flevelle (B1860), E Robinson (B2354) and W Tagart (NP)




1st               Felicity O'Neill's Princestar Lickey Wanderings  D

                    (Castlerock Loganberry x Delaneige Midnight Star)



2nd              Bert Carlisle's Aughnaleck Dee  B

                    (Staverton Archie of Rondix x Aughnaleck Di)



3rd              Linda Finlay's Aughnaleck Miss Millie  B

                   (Staverton Archie of Rondix x Aughnaleck Di)



4th              Felicity O'Neill's Castle Northern Isle  D

                   (Rainesgift Over the Moon x Castlerock Ultimate Choice)





1st              Bert Carlisle's Aughnaleck Dee

                   (as above)


2nd             Felicity O'Neill's Princestar Lickey Wanderings

                   (as above)




1st              Simon Parke's Walnutfarm Nuala  B

                   (Carpet Flyers No 13 Champion No 3 x Walnutfarm Nemesis)



2nd             Bert Carlisle's Aughnaleck Dee

                   (as above)