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FCRS Field Trial Results

Novice Stake for Fourteen Flatcoated Retrievers

Friday, 15th October, 2010

Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset



Mr R Tomlinson (A1926), Mr K Sandercock (B2498), Mr F Fitheridge (NP) and Mrs A Brain (NP)



1st      Sarah Turley's Casblaidd Kaimi  B  27.3.07

           (Breedon Bertie from Casblaidd x Casblaidd Emotion)

           H/O  B: Mrs J Hewison


Guns' Choice:

            Keith Manley's Lenyam Mystery  B  7.3.07

            (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Tyrrells Amelia of Lenyam)