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Inter Area Finals 2012

Sunday, 15th July, 2012
Avon Tyrell Estate, near Ringwood, Hants
kindly hosted by the Wessex Area

Judges:  Mrs H Bradley (A), Mr D England and Mr K Green

1st       WESSEX

            Jane Edge's Bumblyn Black Pepper  B  17.8.06
                        (Trioaks Fletcher x Bumblyn Morannon)
H/O   B: Miss L Irwin
Novice 1:         Nicki Brown's Little Lady Caroline  B  30.4.07
                        (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Cannimore by Brook)
H/O   B: Mr and Mrs P Barrett
Novice 2:         Diane Heywood's Houndswood Maple  B  17.7.08
                        (Gowran Indigo Extra x Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood)
Open:              Rob Willatt's Gowran Indigo Extra  D  22.7.05
                        (Little Red Rooster of Varingo x Gowran Tres Cher)
H/O   B: Mr C Duffey and Ms H Huckle

2nd     SOUTH WEST

Puppy:             Steve Ashby's Highbird Dinder Dandermire at Tunnelwood  B  12.9.10
                        (Warresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm x Dallas Storm)
H/O   B: Mr M Lupton and Mrs S Brewer
Novice 1:         Barry Webb's Pennyswick Viscount  D  4.10.09
                        (Warresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm x Moormill Ari)
H/O   B: Mrs R Harris
Novice 2:         Maureen Jennings' Casblaidd Merry Firefly  B  12.5.08
                        (Belsud Brown Ace x Casblaidd I Can Boogie)
H/O   B: Mrs J Hewison
Open:              Mrs C Wear's Dark Devotion Firefly Fantasy  B  4.6.04
                        (Atherbram George x Dark Devotion April's Water Bubbles)
H/O   B: Mrs L Noteborn-Schmit

3rd      NEFRA

ND/NH:            Jessica Robb's Tucson Babylon Gardens  B  20.2.10
                        (Frivolous Fritter x Tucson Tulip Tree)
H/O   B: Mr Tucker
Novice 1:         Mr and Mrs K Aldred's Eskwinds Dare to Dream  D  17.4.10
                        (Rainesgift Over the Moon x Eskwinds Chasing Moonbeams)
H: Keith Aldred  B: Mr and Mrs K Rees
Novice 2:         Gill Awty's Maddistream Purple Lake  B  6.4.09
                        (Vortex Tornado at Misticmaker x Rainbow Queen of Maddistream)
H: Malcolm Awty   O/B
Open:              Gill Awty's Rainbow Queen of Maddistream  B  20.2.05
                        (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Black Venus)

Steve Ashby's Highbird Dinder Dandermire at Tunnelwood (South West – see above)

Judges Choice:
Steve Ashby's Highbird Dinder Dandermire at Tunnelwood (South West – see above)

Best Puppy or ND/NH: 
Steve Ashby's Highbird Dinder Dandermire at Tunnelwood (South West – see above)

Best Novice (after a run off with Rachel Birch's Bumblyn Burdock – Midlands): 
Diane Heywood's Houndswood Maple (Wessex – see above)

Best Open Dog:           
Pat Dingeman's Tychos Moon Rising Star  D  11.6.07 (Southern)
(Wienbridge Apollo x Bumbly Faramir)
H/O   B: T Beard