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Shooting Dog Certificates

The following dogs gained their Shooting Dog Certificates on Thursday 11th December 2014 at Norton, Evesham:

Judges: Kate Smith and Norman Onens

Hilary Rossers’ Mahinda Wilhelmina  B   15.06.12
(Birkebo Soyzic Nemo x Mahinda Deliah)

Caroline Hewisons’ Venus in Transit Over Casblaidd    D  03.05.12
(Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casblaidd x Midsummer Mustardseed)
H/O  B: Fitzherbert-Brockholes)

The following dogs gained their Shooting Dog Certificates on Monday 8th December 2014 at Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset on Monday, 8th December 2014.
Judges: Mr Steve Ashby and Mrs Sheila Neary
Mrs Nicky Wellfair’s Trephilp River Alchemist FCR B  13.2.09 
Frivolous Fritter x Trephilip River Trix 

Mrs Charlotte Wear’s Keveral Glololui  FCR B  17.7.10
Rondix Woodcock at Hawksthorn x Dark Devotion Fire Fly Fantasy