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Junior Handling Report for 41st Breed Championship Show 2/4/17


Junior Handling Classes

The Society has always encouraged and offered tuition to the junior members who wish to progress in our hobby. Our breed is not always the easiest in the show ring and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to get the best out of your charge, particularly if you are handling a young dog. The handling, precision and sportsmanship of some of the youngsters today was very impressive and bodes well for the future. For those handling for the first time please persevere and you will see the results. Well done to you all.

6 – 11 Years 3 (1). 1. Emma Wyatt aged 10, handling a young dog and I believe her first attempt in the show ring. She listened to instructions and carried them out to the best of her ability whilst remaining calm with her charge who was at times wanting to go her own way. Her positioning on the move was good and she ensured that she did not get between the judge and the dog. 2. Ben Colson aged 9, handled well and followed instructions but managed to get between the judge and his dog on the triangle.

12 – 16 Years 3 (0). This was a very difficult class to split the first two handlers who both put on first class handling skills throughout their time in the ring. I am sure they do and will change places with each other on different occasions. Well done to you both. 1. Georgina Mellor aged 15, did not put a foot wrong, presented herself and her charge to perfection by always being in the right place at the right time. The bond between her and her charge was obvious and the final decision was made right at the end when she just managed to get the dogs attention at a critical time. 2. Meaylee Lewis aged 14, all the same remarks apply and I am sure that on another day she could have taken the winners spot. Expertly handled throughout the class whilst being sympathetic to her charge and showing such good sportsmanship when I had to make a decision. 3. Thomas Wyatt aged 12, handling a young dog for the first time. Did not get flustered and I am sure has the makings of becoming a good handler.


Brian Izzard (Judge)