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Junior Handling FCRS Open Show 10th June 2017

Results of Junior Handling at the Open Show 10th June 2017 – Judge Mrs A. Youens

Class 32 : 6-11 Years  – 1st Molly Davis
Class 33  12-16 Years – 1st Bryony Fossett,  2nd Freya Taylor-Ellis

Well done to all the Juniors who took part.

Photo of Class 32 6-11 Years Winner  Molly Davis (below) 
(Photos by Sarah Egginton)

Junior Handling Judges Report: 

Flatcoated  Retriever  Open  Show……Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh June 10th 2017

        6-11 yrs……   1st.  Molly Davis   This young lady is certainly going to be a star of the future. I would say she has had a lot of tutoring but I think she is such a natural with dogs that she would only need advice on the finer points.  She took a dog into the ring that she had never met before, instantly had the confidence to give her F/C instructions. She performed a perfect triangle; all the time at one with her “charge”. Coming back to myself she totally considered the dog and moved her gently to stand four square. At just 6 years old, she would put some adults to shame in her consideration for the dog!

12-16 yrs…… 1st Bryony Fossett.  Bryony had the confidence needed to carry out her instructions from me to the letter. She was in total charge of her dog and had her “charge’s” attention at all times. She carried out a perfect triangle demonstrating the pace and movement of her dog to its best. When I moved around her dog she was completely aware of where I was. Surely she will go far if she pursues her Junior Handling at a higher level. 

               2nd Freya Taylor-Ellis,  Freya was close up in competence to Bryony, again she was at one with her dog. She did well to show off her dog to its best, they are not the easiest to show and still maintain the F/C character.  If Freya wished to continue with Junior Handling she has a natural ability and just needs to “fine tune” the more intricate details of showing.

Many congratulations to all these young ladies, total consideration to the dogs, a most important asset.



Ann Youens   (Judge)



Photo below of Class 33: 12-16 Year Olds 1st Bryony Fossett and 2nd Freya Taylor Ellis