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Shooting Dog Certificate – 20th January 2018

Shooting Dog Certificate  20-01-18 held at Shadoxhurst Kent

We started the day with everyone meeting at The Kings Head PH for breakfast with the guns.

Weather forecast was not good with rain forecast for pretty much the whole day, unfortunately this time they were right .

Six handlers had entered with two of them had entered before with previous dogs.

We moved off to a largely open grass field for the first drive where unfortunately the guns only dropped 3 birds, one of those being picked by a beater. We made use of the two birds we had and as the Guns left for the second drive we made use of the birds to test the Dogs ability to enter water as a convenient pond was at hand., all succeeding in this task.

We caught the Guns up for the end of the second drive and sat through the third.

This drive was in rather more cover on the edge of the wood in a large area of coppiced woodland with a lot of ground cover, the guns dropped five birds here we could use with four being picked and one runner heading into the next drive so we couldn’t pursue, later picked by the beaters.

On to drive 4 where enough birds were dropped to enable the assessment to be completed.  Suzi Price’s Dog remaining steady with a bird falling 3 feet in front and another just 10 feet away.

A hen bird was hit and dropped into the field behind and being a runner Andy Snow took Sarah Young and Merlin over the fence to try and find the fall, this he did easily and tracked the bird under another fence and off into a flattened cover crop, some 100 m, and picked, much to the surprise of the Gun.

The remaining game was picked.

Five passes with two being A’s and 3 being B’s unfortunately one failed on this occasion.

We stayed on to pick up on the last drive of the day.

Back to the barn to thank all concerned, Guns, Pickers up for disrupting their day and above all Shoot owner and Keeper for allowing us back again.

We have been told we can have a day in November next year so watch the website.

Dick Pettett


Photos can be found on the Societys’ facebook page.