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First Ever Flatcoated Retriever Obedience Champion

Huge congratulations to Caroline Eley and Tangle (Kywidden Morvenna OWCEx) who is the FIRST EVER Flatcoated Retriever to become an Obedience Champion. Gaining her third CC at Lichfield on 2nd September 2017. Well done Caroline !



Founder Members Memorial Fund

The Founder Members Memorial Fund information sheet and application form have been updated and now available for download by clicking on the links below.  The aims of the Founder Members Memorial Fund are to provide educational grants for those wishing to study a wide range of conservation subjects and dog related activities, in particular those pertaining to the Flatcoated Retriever.

Found Members Memorial Fund Information Leaflet
Founder Members Memorial Fund Application Form


Appeal From Pet Blood Bank

Help save lives by registering your dog as a donor today:


Pet Blood Bank UK (PBB) is the first and only charity of its kind in the UK, calling on all large dog owners to consider registering their dog to give blood and help save lives.

Access to blood can make all the difference between life and death for a much loved family pet and last year alone,over 1,000 dogs needed a blood transfusion.

Similar to us, dogs have blood types too. For our canine companions, it’s either DEA 1.1 Negative or DEA 1.1 Positive, and research has shown that certain breeds are more likely to be Negative than others.

Flatcoated Retrievers are one of the few breeds that are more likely to be Negative.

After the busy festive season, stock levels of Negative are extremely low and we desperately need more lifesavers through the doors in 2015.

Can your dog help?

Donation sessions run across the country. Not only will your dog help save lives but they will also benefit from regular health checks, giving you reassurance across the year.

To register your dog today, please call 01509 232222 or via our website:www.petbloodbankuk.org

To watch a dog giving blood, please follow this link:
Donor Giving Blood for the Pet Blood Bank

Thank you so much for helping us.

Every unit of blood helps save up to four other lives.

‘Without Pet Blood Bank UK, our family would not be a family any more. We owe so much to them for helping save Buster aka ‘our world’s’ life.’ 

Mrs Shirley Radburn Legacy

The FCRS was left a very large legacy in 2012 by Mrs Shirley Radburn.  Her main interests were in the working side of the breed and also the health of the breed.  This legacy was discussed at the recent committee meeting where it was decided that the National Working Tests will now be run in her memory.  We will also purchase trophies to be presented to the winners.

Extended Breed Standard

The Flatcoated Retriever Society have produced an extended Breed Standard which was prepared by Miss Becky Johnson and has been sent out to all judges on the Society’s current judges list.

Copies of the extended Breed Standard are available to all Members free of charge and to Non Members for £5.

If you would like a copy please contact Mandy Romeo-Dieste : email: [email protected]