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Midlands Area Working Test 23/03/19

FCRS MIdlands Area Working Test for Flatcoated Retrievers held at Byrd’s Retreat, Harrington by kind permission of the landowners Mr & Mrs R Byrd on 23 March. Judges: Sean McGrath (A3010), Paul Alabaster, Roger Colver and Bob Davis.
ND/NH: 1st (Pallingforth salver) Sarah Young – Boresisle 
Arabella Allen for Larksburn 
NOVICE: 1st (Windyhollows Bounty Memorial Trophy) Suzi Price Price – Casblaidd Queen of the Sky
2nd (Monica Woods Memorial Trophy) Vivienne Gatter – Gowran Isolde
3rd Paul Egginton – Pajanbeck Heaven Can Wait
4th Dave Myatt – Wainhawk Woodcock
CofM Helen Ford – Percuil Donner
CofM David Savory – Woodfinch Rufford Poacher
JUDGES’ CHOICE: Judith Hart – Gayplume Cotton Candy (nd/nh)

OPEN: 1st (Pallingforth Trophy) Gill Awty – Venetian Red at Maddistream
2nd (Yonsaff Cup) Gary Ellison – Ollerset Shining Nymph (Owned by Julie Matthews)
3rd Steve Ashby – Tunnelwood Phantom
CofM Andy Sweeney – Norfolk Flyer Rosie’s Thorn of Wolfthistle
CofM Rob Willatts – Hunterssheim Black Bart
Thanks to the brilliant judges who did so much to make it a successful and enjoyable day – and a useful learning experience for many. The tests were deemed by all to be fair and interesting – thank you Rachel Birch (Chief Steward). Deep appreciation to ALL helpers – can’t run test without stewards, placers, throwers etc. And didn’t we all benefit greatly from the presence of the ‘tea ladies’
Congratulations to everyone of you in the awards.