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FCRS General Committee News

Some members may be aware that Phil Goodman has resigned as Chairman of our General Committee and that Jane Jones has taken over as Acting Chairman until an AGM can be held. Victoria Goldberg, who would have stood down as Honorary Show Secretary at the cancelled 2020 AGM has also decided to step down. Louise Jones, who was standing for the position of Show Secretary, and who has been working closely with Victoria over the past nine months has taken over the role. Louise has been co opted onto the General Committee.

The General Committee acknowledge that there have been issues over the past few months which have been exacerbated by the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. These now need to be discussed and resolved as soon as it is practically possible to do so, and the membership be informed of the outcomes.

The committee will be holding a meeting (by Zoom) in mid November. This will be the first meeting since February and there will be much to catch up on. The committee is united in its commitment to do whatever is necessary to best serve the interests of the Society and its members.

The Society’s web sites will be reviewed by a small working party of Committee members over the next few weeks to explore and evaluate how they can best be developed to meet the needs of the Society and improve general communications with members. The results of this review will be published. In the interim period the websites will be administered by Liz Branscombe and David Savory. Jan Egginton is now the Administrator of the Society’s Facebook page along with Liz Branscombe who will manage health topics.