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General Committee Update December 2020

Committee Update

The first meeting of the General Committee since 15th February took place on 15th November by Zoom, this was followed by another meeting on 6th December

Due to the length of time that had elapsed between meetings there was much to discuss. Therefore the Committee agreed to hold meetings at approximately monthly intervals for the time being.

1    There was a discussion around protocols within the Committee to ensure that we are more focused and more efficient at dealing with matters that impact on members.

Discussion evolved around; 

– role and responsibilities of the chairman, sub committee secretaries and members of the committee

– tightening up on deadlines for submitting agenda items, circulating minutes and formalising procedures for proposals etc

– areas of responsibilities for sub committees

– creation of an induction package for new committee members.

2   A small working party from within the General Committee has been set up to review and update our current web sites administered by the Society; the aim is to have one web site that can best serve the interests of our members.

3   The Field Trial Sub Committee met recently for the first time (again by Zoom) since 15th February 2020. Cleary almost the whole of the 2020 working programme had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 restrictions, together with most of the Society’s training events. Provisional dates for the 2021 competition programme have been agreed and these will be advertised very shortly.

The discussion document from the Field Trial sub committee that had been referred to the Kennel Club Liaison Council in March 2020 was referred back to the sub committee by the General Committee for review after which it will be considered by the General Committee. Some concerns had been received from Society members in relation to the discussion paper and the General Committee subsequently asked for advice to be obtained from the Kennel Club regarding these concerns.

The two main concerns were;

-that the document would result in the Society losing its ability to run Open field trials; these provide a part qualification towards the title ‘ Field Trial Champion’ and to compete in the annual International Gundog League Retriever Society Retriever Championship.

– that the loss of ‘Open’ status would result in the Flatcoat breed being defined as a Minor Breed.

According to the Kennel Club, the actual position on both matters is as follows;

– no Club or Society has ever had its ‘Open’ status removed and there is no process for so doing.

– despite the term ‘Minor Breed’ being in common use in some circles, it is a term not recognised by the Kennel Club and consequently there are no breeds, including retriever (or spaniel) breeds defined as a ‘minor breed’ by them.

As the next meeting of the Kennel Club Liaison Council will not take place until June 2021, the Field Trial Sub Committee will be reviewing any other concerns that have been raised

4   The Judges and Show Sub Committee (JSSC) have been active during lockdown. A virtual online Show was held in August with Judges Bob Allen (dogs) and Val Jones (bitches) It proved to be very popular, as have the subsequent online photo competitions attracting excellent entries.  An online fun show is planned to take place in January 2021

– at the present time plans for the Society’s Championship Show scheduled to take place in April 2021, and the Open Show in June 2021 are going ahead

– the JSSC are currently reviewing the criteria for the selection of Judges for their Championship Show

5   The 250 Club draw that normally takes place at the AGM didn’t take place as the 2020 AGM had to be cancelled. Therefore it was decided to hold a Christmas draw which has now taken place, and the results posted on this web site.

6   The General Committee decided that the Society cups and  trophies won in 2019, and which would have been awarded at the 2020 AGM will now be awarded to the winners at the 2021 AGM as there have been virtually no events in 2020.

7   The Flatcoated Retriever breed health survey is currently open and runs until January 31st, the Health Sub-Committee would encourage all owners of UK resident Flatcoats to complete the survey. Further information and a link to the online survey can be found on this website:https://wordpress-1004805-4123449.cloudwaysapps.com/health-section/latest-breed-health-news/2337-flatcoated-retriever-breed-health-survey-2020-21

8   The Rescue and Rehousing Secretary continues to be very busy with enquiries for Flatcoats as do the two Litter Secretaries with enquiries for puppies.

Finally the General Committee wish all members a very happy Christmas, and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.