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2021 AGM


The following people are standing for Officer and Committee positions at the 2021 AGM.

Chairman:        Mrs Jane Jones             Proposed Mrs Val Jones

                                                               Seconded Mr Bob Allen

Vice Chairman: Mrs Jan Egginton          Proposed Mrs Caroline Hewison

                                                                Seconded Mrs Jenny Bird

                         Mrs Sheila Neary            Proposed Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones

                                                               Seconded Mrs Victoria Goldberg

Treasurer:      Mrs Heather Harley is willing to re stand for the position of Treasurer

                       Mr Richard McHowat    Proposed Mrs Gemma Jacobs

                                                             Seconded Mr Andrew Durrant

Field Trial Secretary: Mrs Helen Ford  Proposed Mr Steve Ashby

                                                             Seconded Mrs Sue May

Committee:    Miss Sarah Egginton and Mrs Shirley Oxford are willing to stand for re-election

                      Mr Steve Ashby             Proposed Mrs Sheila Neary

                                                            Seconded Miss Louise Jones

                      Mrs Jenny Campbell     Proposed Mrs Ann Kilminster

                                                            Seconded Mr Dennis Orme

                       Miss Kelly Holland        Proposed Mrs Rosemary Talbot

                                                            Seconded Mrs Jan Egginton