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General Committee Update February 2021

At the General Committee meeting held on 27th February 2021 the following topics were discussed:

Code of Conduct

A small working group of Committee members have been developing a Code of Conduct for members which has been written with reference to the Kennel Club’s Code of Conduct. It is close to being completed and when finalised will be posted on this web site.


David Savory who is standing down from the position of Field Trial Secretary has advised the General Committee that he will be taking the workingflatcoats.org web site (currently part of the Society) with him. David has been asked to take down all references to the Society, it’s affiliations and all copyrighted articles from the workingflatcoats.org web site.

Members should note that with immediate effect anything posted on workingflatcoats.org will not be from or on behalf of the FCRS or General Committee.

The Society acknowledges David’s hard work in setting up and maintaining this web site and thanks him for his hard work in doing so.

The web site working group are working on developing a single updated Society web site, and will be reporting back on the progress of this shortly.

2020 AGM

The announcement from the Kennel Club on 3rd February 2021 in which they have enacted a new provision, KC Regulation C5.e, allows Societies who were unable to hold their 2020 AGM due to the first lockdown last March to suspend their Constitution in order to complete the routine business that is usually carried out at an AGM by the use of other means of communication. This easement covers the period 5th February until 5th July 2021.

The General Committee have made the decision to contact every member by post as this ensures that everyone is included in receiving the information. The post will include a covering letter, the 2019 accounts, the Officers’ reports and the two propositions, and members will be invited to vote by post on the adoption of accounts and the propositions. There will be no requirement to vote on those standing for Committee as they stood unopposed. Voting slips can be requested from the Hon Secretary Jenny Bird by either telephone call, email or post once the correspondence is received and full details will be in the covering letter.

After the business of the 2020 AGM is completed the 2021 AGM can take place, and it is planned that this will be a normal AGM later in the year; the date and venue will be posted on this web site shortly.

Next meeting by Zoom is scheduled for 10th April 2021.