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Gundog Training Back to Basics Development Programme

Claire Leavy, one of the participants in the Society’s gundog training initiative, the ‘Back to Basics Development Programme’, has sent this report and photographs from a recent training day, it is lovely to hear such positive feedback, thank you.

Claire writes:

Back 2 Basics level 2 weekend with Phil Bruton

Thank you to Heather Harley for continued support with training and for organising such a great weekend with Phil Bruton.

Poppy and I attended a Back to Basics Level 1 “refresher” in May, following a beginner training series also organised by Heather, this couldn’t have come at a better time for us as lockdown had been particularly difficult and training had been put on the back burner, the beginner series highlighted our downfalls and after giving myself a good talking to I focused on short and simple training sessions at home.

The B2B level 2 tested our homework a little but Phil’s training methods really helped build confidence for both Poppy and myself. This was particularly helpful as in order to create more trust in our partnership we started small with close retrieves and creating a hotspot which then meant the distance could be increased. We also worked on marked and memory retrieves, this tested us a little but the work previously done had really improved our confidence and ability.

Poppy was one of the youngest and most inexperienced dogs there but this certainly didn’t hold us back. Our “classmates” were very friendly and supportive, a good time was definitely had by all, even If I was sent to the naughty corner for talking too much ………….’’

Please see the Training page for more information about the Back to Basics Development Programme: https://wordpress-1004805-4123449.cloudwaysapps.com/working/training