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General Committee Meeting 17/10/21 Update

The General Committee met for their first face to face meeting since February 2020. Three new members were welcomed on to the Committee, Steve Ashby, Jenny Campbell and Kelly Holland.

Vacant Committee positions were discussed, Heather Harley has taken over as the administrator of the 250 Club and Charlotte Wear is taking over responsibility for the running of the Society shop.

Both Jane Jones and Sarah Egginton have said that they would like to give up the editorship of the Yearbook and Newsletter respectively after this year. As there were very few events and results to report on for 2020 the Yearbook and Newsletter will be a combined publication for 2021 and will be finalised shortly.
Barclays Bank have closed the Euro account, however payments can be made by PayPal, and further details on how to make payments will be in the Yearbook, Newsletter and the web site.

An update was given on the new web site and this will be up and running by mid November. It will be easy to navigate with new and enhanced features. Sarah Egginton will be the administrator of the web site.

A working party was set up to organise plans for the Society’s 75th anniversary year in 2023, and this will be chaired by Vice Chairman Jan Egginton. Members of the working party so far are Heather Harley, Helen Ford, Roz Bellamy, Charlotte Wear and Kelly Holland. They will report back at our next meeting.

The next General Committee Meeting will take place on 23rd January 2022