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Results of the SGRS/FCRS joint working tests held at Parklands Ewshot on 12/6/22

We were blessed with lovely weather and as ever are grateful to the judges and helpers for giving up their time, to the landowner and to the SGRS for hosting. 

NDNH had 13 entries, with 7 flatcoats. The tests included a walk up a mark over a jump, a double mark and a mark and a blind. 

1st was Cecilia ERHABOR’s GR bitch Elkshead Flame. 

2nd was Jenny McCARTER’s FCR dog Fulwith Bramble

3rd was Anna ETHERTON’s GR. Dog Kenynten Red Hot

And after a run off, 4th was Carolyn MADGWICK’s FCR dog Yonsaff Going Solo

And David WIMSETT and his GR bitch Rosgar Coconut Belini were awarded a COM.

Jenny McCarter was awarded the FCRS Southern area trophy for the highest scoring NDNH FCR

Novice had 19 entries with only 7 Flatcoats, sadly. There were some challenging tests, all with double retrieves, incorporating marks and blinds, grassland, woodland and deep cover. 

1st was Alison SHAW’s GR dog Sleigh Comet with a perfect score of 80/80

2nd was Lisa CLEMENTS’ GR dog Metalbridge Gadbourn

3rd was Steve LAX’s GR dog Hanans Golden Boy On The Hill.

4th was Susan CARLYLE’s GR bitch Gaytonwood Brown Eyed Girl.

Mr Graham CLELLAND and his FCR bitch Trevorsilk Andromeda of Necessares were the highest scoring FCR and were awarded a COM.

Photos kindly provided by Sarah Young