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Update following The General Committee meeting of 16th June 2022

Mrs Helen Ford resigned from the position of Field Trial Secretary on 14th June and, although requested to re-consider her decision, has declined to do so.  
The General Committee would like to thank her for her hard work and commitment over the past year.

Mr Steve Ashby resigned from the General Committee on 17th June and the General Committee would like to thank him also.  

There is now a vacancy for the position of Field Trial Secretary and General Committee member. 

There has recently been a significant number of posts on Social Media which have been unhelpful and damaging to the Society.  The Society’s Code of Conduct quotes

Use of social media.   The rapid growth of social media technologies combined with their ease of use and pervasiveness make them attractive channels of communication. However, these tools also hold the possibility of a host of unintended consequences.”

Recently, several offensive posts and comments have been seen on the Flatcoat Training Tests and Trials Facebook group, which is an independent group over which the Flatcoated Retriever Society has no jurisdiction. 
The Flatcoated Retriever Society condemns the tenor of these posts and regrets any upset or offence to any of our members. 
These posts and comments were removed on 16th June. 
This Facebook page continues to be helpful to members wishing to know information regarding training, tests and trials.

The General Committee is sincerely committed to working for the benefit of all our members and our Breed, and with this aim in mind, members of the General Committee are to meet with members of the Field Trial Sub-Committee to discuss any problems and look towards a resolution and agreement to move forward.  

The National Working Tests are being held near to Taunton on Sunday 3rd July 2022.  Entries are welcomed for this event and helpers will be appreciated.

A Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is being planned for 30th October 2022 at Nether Whitacre Village Hall, full detail’s  are on the Society’s website.

Next year is the 75th Anniversary of the FCRS and a special Weekend Event is being planned for 3rd and 4thJune 2023 to mark this occasion.  Lots of events will be taking place with camping available for those who wish to stay over, fun show, quizzes, working events etc., etc.   Also, later in the year a Supermatch is once again being held on 7th October 2023 at Newark.  Please save these dates!

More details of these events will be posted on the Website when available.

Roz Bellamy

Hon. Secretary