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South West Area Working Test Results, Sunday 5th March 2023.

This year’s South West Area Working Test was held for the first time at The Ponds, Kennerleigh, Crediton by kind permission Mr & Mrs Pyke.

The Venue provided some challenging and different test areas which included 3 ponds and woodland covers. The water test gave the usual problems across the tests with some dogs dropping the dummy and having a shake before presen@ng the dummy back to the handler. In the woods there was a seen and a blind and considering the lack of wind a fair few were successful!

Our Judges were Tim Ship, Sally Ashby, Zoe Townsend and Sue Weeden.

Unfortunately there were not enough entrants to run the planned Puppy Tests.

We amalgamated ND/NH with the Novice class which ran before lunch. 1st place went to Steve Ashby & Mahinda Logon Han Solo at Tunnelwood.

We then stopped for lunch at the Boat house where everyone enjoyed a BBQ and hot drinks.

After lunch we moved on to the Open tests where Steve Ashby enjoyed his second win of the day with Thamespath Bracken at Tunnelwood, 2nd was Keith Manley & Brickley Blossom at Lenyan, 3rd was Steve Ashby & Tunnelwood Phantom and 4th was Lindsey Swan & Swantonwood Gold Leaf.

We finished the day off with tea and cakes again at the Boat House to try and warm up as even though the weather had stayed dry it was starting to get cold by the end of the open test.

Rosettes wee kindly provided by the Flatcoated Retriever Society in celebration of their Clubs 75th Anniversary.

Thanks go to all Competitors for supporting us and everyone that helped on the day!

Sara Thurgood