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The Flatcoated Retriever Society Midland Area Working Test 15th April 2023

held at Byrds Retreat, Harvington, Worcestershire by kind permission of Bob and Sonia Byrd and generously sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods Ltd.

After days of rain the weather was dull but dry.

Thank you to our judges Mrs Dorothy Walls-Duffin (B2457) Mrs. Vanessa King (B3609) Mr. James Barnes (NP) Mr. Henry Carney (NP) Mr. John Cornforth (NP) for so generously giving up their time to judge and offer support and guidance.

Thank you to all those who worked before and after the day behind the scenes and those who came to help on the day, whether it was throwing dummies, placing blinds or making the tea.

The Novice ran in the morning. After a few late withdrawals, 22 dogs undertook 5 tests:

– a mark followed by a blind up the hill

– a hunting exercise

– a mark and a blind in the wood

– a 2 dog walk up

– a mark falling out of sight

At the end of the morning there was a clear winner:

1st Malcolm Awty with Maddistream Raj Red who received the Windyhollows Trophy

2nd Gary Ellison with Ollersett Shimmering Nymph who received the Monica Woods Trophy

CofM Vivienne Gatter with Larksease Black Bryony

Judges choice went to Derek Bull with Maddistream Rock Rose

The Open ran in the afternoon with 6 dogs undertaking the same 5 tests with some distances being extended.

Although no places were awarded the judges awarded a Special Rosette to

Diane Heywood with Cotswold Rose at Houndswood

Special Puppy was held in the afternoon with 8 competitors undertaking 4 tests. All tests were without shot

– a mark followed by a blind up the hill

– a hunting exercise

– a 2 dog walk up

– a mark and heelwork

1st Anne Kitching with Sellonana Callisto Nymph who received the Arrowhill Cup (a new trophy kindly donated by Mrs. Heather Harley)

2nd Anne Haley with Skybrook if by Chance

Rachel Birch

Midlands Area Working Test and Training Organiser.