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FCRS Training Survey

The Society works very hard to maintain the Flatcoat as a ‘dual purpose’ dog which can equally excel in the show ring or as a working gundog. We are interested in how we can best support, inform and meet the needs of flatcoat owners who have working gundogs or are training their dogs to do gundog work. We would like your opinion on this and to know more about your experience of training and working your flatcoats. 

We would be very grateful if owners and handlers of flatcoated retrievers, residing in the UK, could take the time to complete a brief questionnaire. The survey is very straightforward and will take less than five minutes to complete. Please click the link below.

Do feel free to share with other owners and handlers of flatcoated retrievers (by sharing the link) but please only complete the survey once yourself. Thank you. 


Sarah Young

FCRS Hon Working Test Secretary