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Health Seminars

Regretfully, given the uncertainty regarding when gatherings will be able to resume, the Society Health Sub-Committee have made the decision to postpone the Health seminar which was arranged for 12th July this year. We plan to move the seminar to Sunday 11th July 2021 at the same venue. We apologise for any disappointment that this may cause and look forward to welcoming everyone in 2021.

A Health Seminar day, hosted by the Flatcoated Retriever Society and sponsored by Davies Veterinary Specialists was held on 26th June 2016

The speakers have kindly allowed us to post pdf versions of their presentations these can be viewed by following the links below:

‘The Red Eye’
Georgie Fricker BVSc CertVOphthal, DipECVO MRCVS
European Veterinary Specialist in Ophthalmology‘Acupuncture and Pain Management’

Frances Downing BVSc MSc DipECVAA MRCVS
European Veterinary Specialist in Anaesthesia and Analgesia

‘Balanced Breeding Decisions’
Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
Geneticist, KC Health Team

'Flatcoated Retriever Population Analysis’
Dr Tom Lewis
Geneticist, KC Health Team

‘An Update on Breed Specific Cancer Research’
Dr Jane Dobson MA BVetMed, DVetMed, DipECVIM-CA (IntMed, Oncol, RadOnc) MRCVS

Overview Of The Health Seminar 5/10/13
Overview of Free Flatcoated Retriever Day held at AHT 2/12/13


Fact Sheets

Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot’ otherwise known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CVRG) is a potentially serious disease rela- tively recently recognised in the UK. Research into this condition is being carried out at Anderson Moores Veterinary Special- ists. Further advice about the disease, its signs and symptoms can be found by following this link where you can access infor- mation sheets: Click here

Elbow Dysplasia

To read the fact sheet please Click here.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation in Flatcoated Retrievers (background information)
The Conservative Management of Patellar Luxation
Post Surgical Management of Patellar Luxation

Hip Dysplasia

To read the fact sheet please click here.


To read the fact sheet please click here.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Failure

To read the fact sheet please click here.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

To read the fact sheet please click here

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (bloat)

To read the fact sheets please click on the links below:

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (bloat)

Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)


To read the fact sheet please click here.

Ophthalmic Conditions

To read the fact sheet please click here.

Laryngeal Paralysis

To read the fact sheet please click here.

Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia

To read the fact sheet please click here.

IMHA Newsletter article


To read the newsletter article please click here.


AGM Health Reports

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Health Survey Results


Canine Blood Donation

click here


Renal Dysplasia

click here


Genetic Diversity

The Popular Sire Effect Article

To read the article please click here.

Flatcoated Retriever Sires

2012 (click here) 2013 (click here) 2014 (click here) 2015 (click here) 2016 (click here) 2017 (click here) 2018 (click here) 2019 (click here)

Trends In Genetic Diversity Article
Kennel Club Genetic Diversity Information
Kennel Club Popular Sire Effect: Infographic
‘Balanced Breeding Decisions’
Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
'Flatcoated Retriever Population Analysis’ Dr Tom Lewis, Geneticist, KC Health Team


Group Study

For the foreseeable future the group study will be a rolling study open to ALL Flatcoated Retrievers, regardless of their breeding and country of origin. The study aims to follow the life of a Flatcoat without anonymity from the age of 8 weeks. If you have a Flatcoat puppy aged 12 months or under and would be interested in taking part please contact Liz Branscombe (collator) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. New participants will be emailed a questionnaire for completion after their dog’s first birthday. The annual questionnaire for adult dogs (aged two and older) will be circulated electronically in May and will also be available to download from the website; com- pleted questionnaires should be returned to the collator Liz Branscombe. An annual report will be issued at the Flatcoated Retriever Society’s AGM, and will be posted on the website, please be aware that this is a long term project and it may be a few years before any meaningful information comes to light. May we take this opportuni- ty to thank you for your participation and look forward to a healthy future for the Flatcoated Retriever.



Kennel Club Health Links

Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP) Project:

Please click here for the KC Information about the project.

To read the Flatcoated Retriever Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP) Summary and Action Plan updated July 2020 click here.

To read the full BHCP document updated July 2020 click here.

Kennel Club Health Resources:

Kennel Club Academy free learning resources
Link to the Kennel Club Dog Health Information
Understanding Canine Genetics
What the KC does for Dog Health
KC Health Survey 2014
Breeding for Health Leaflet

KC Breed Population Analyses September 2015

Recognising the importance of managing the rate of inbreeding, the Kennel Club's Population analysis reports al- low breeders to review the unique situation for each breed.

If unchecked, inbreeding levels can rise in a breed, and although its effects may not initially be noticeable, this increase can have a significant impact on the health and welfare of future generations. Follow click here for link to the KC website and scroll down to find the Flatcoated Retriever Report.


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