General Committee Update December 2020

Committee Update

The first meeting of the General Committee since 15th February took place on 15th November by Zoom, this was followed by another meeting on 6th December

Due to the length of time that had elapsed between meetings there was much to discuss. Therefore the Committee agreed to hold meetings at approximately monthly intervals for the time being.

1    There was a discussion around protocols within the Committee to ensure that we are more focused and more efficient at dealing with matters that impact on members.

Discussion evolved around; 

- role and responsibilities of the chairman, sub committee secretaries and members of the committee

- tightening up on deadlines for submitting agenda items, circulating minutes and formalising procedures for proposals etc

- areas of responsibilities for sub committees

- creation of an induction package for new committee members.

2   A small working party from within the General Committee has been set up to review and update our current web sites administered by the Society; the aim is to have one web site that can best serve the interests of our members.

3   The Field Trial Sub Committee met recently for the first time (again by Zoom) since 15th February 2020. Cleary almost the whole of the 2020 working programme had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 restrictions, together with most of the Society’s training events. Provisional dates for the 2021 competition programme have been agreed and these will be advertised very shortly.

The discussion document from the Field Trial sub committee that had been referred to the Kennel Club Liaison Council in March 2020 was referred back to the sub committee by the General Committee for review after which it will be considered by the General Committee. Some concerns had been received from Society members in relation to the discussion paper and the General Committee subsequently asked for advice to be obtained from the Kennel Club regarding these concerns.

The two main concerns were;

-that the document would result in the Society losing its ability to run Open field trials; these provide a part qualification towards the title ‘ Field Trial Champion’ and to compete in the annual International Gundog League Retriever Society Retriever Championship.

- that the loss of ‘Open’ status would result in the Flatcoat breed being defined as a Minor Breed.

According to the Kennel Club, the actual position on both matters is as follows;

- no Club or Society has ever had its ‘Open’ status removed and there is no process for so doing.

- despite the term ‘Minor Breed’ being in common use in some circles, it is a term not recognised by the Kennel Club and consequently there are no breeds, including retriever (or spaniel) breeds defined as a ‘minor breed’ by them.

As the next meeting of the Kennel Club Liaison Council will not take place until June 2021, the Field Trial Sub Committee will be reviewing any other concerns that have been raised

4   The Judges and Show Sub Committee (JSSC) have been active during lockdown. A virtual online Show was held in August with Judges Bob Allen (dogs) and Val Jones (bitches) It proved to be very popular, as have the subsequent online photo competitions attracting excellent entries.  An online fun show is planned to take place in January 2021

- at the present time plans for the Society’s Championship Show scheduled to take place in April 2021, and the Open Show in June 2021 are going ahead

- the JSSC are currently reviewing the criteria for the selection of Judges for their Championship Show

5   The 250 Club draw that normally takes place at the AGM didn’t take place as the 2020 AGM had to be cancelled. Therefore it was decided to hold a Christmas draw which has now taken place, and the results posted on this web site.

6   The General Committee decided that the Society cups and  trophies won in 2019, and which would have been awarded at the 2020 AGM will now be awarded to the winners at the 2021 AGM as there have been virtually no events in 2020.

7   The Flatcoated Retriever breed health survey is currently open and runs until January 31st, the Health Sub-Committee would encourage all owners of UK resident Flatcoats to complete the survey. Further information and a link to the online survey can be found on this website:

8   The Rescue and Rehousing Secretary continues to be very busy with enquiries for Flatcoats as do the two Litter Secretaries with enquiries for puppies.

Finally the General Committee wish all members a very happy Christmas, and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

RNLI Donation

Jenny Bird the Secretary of the FCRS received a lovely ‘thank you’ letter from Dunbar RNLI and we would like to share this with our members.
This was received in respect of the Society's donation on behalf of our members, in appreciation of the amazing work that the RNLI do but in particular the rescue they successfully made for Fergus the Flatcoat when he was in trouble. View the letter here img20201214_13332616_RNLI.pdf

Results of Dual Working/Show Event: 25th,26th May 2019

Flatcoated Retriever Society

Dual Event 25th & 26th May 2019

held at S E Davis & Son by kind permission of the Davis family. 

The Egginton family would like to say a big thank you to one and all who either organised, helped, took part, held demonstrations or spectated, without you events like this are not possible and we hope everyone enjoyed this special weekend as much as we did, celebrating the Dual Flatcoated Retriever. 

 A special thank you to our sponsors, Davies The Veterinary Specialists and Platinum Dog Food. 

We would also like to say a big thank you to all that kindly donated to the raffle or helped with donations, together we raised £200 for the Davis’s family chosen charity, The Air Ambulance. 

Photographs of the teams can be found on the Gallery page or on the Society's Facebook page.

The Overall Best Dual Event Winner was awarded to

Garry Ellison & Ollersett Sparkling Nymph

Reserve Best Dual Event Winner

David Savory & Hopevalley Morning Arizona

The Overall Best Dual Event Winning Team 

‘Redditch Racers’

Alan Moore & Sachbash Prince Olly Moore

Caroline Hewison & Casblaidd Island in the Sky

Julie Matthews & Ollersett Shining Nymph

Garry Ellison & Ollersett Sparkling Nymph


2nd The Odd One Out

Heather Harley & Blouet Noelle at Arrowhill

Rachel Birch & Wainhawke Wildsilk

David Savory & Hopevalley Morning Arizona

Graham Clelland & Necessares Sorrel


3rd Hazey Daze

Kelly Holland & Ch Kvicksans Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Liz Branscombe & Torinmill Gaelic Aurora

Sue Groom & Little Roe Maud of Piethorn

Amber Nicholls & Featheringay Raven Prince


4th Don't Judge us we are Trying

Jane Calverly & Gwenadillo Tweetie Pie

Judith Hart & Cotton Candy

Jane Gould & Starball Midnight Dreamer of Pamberlea

Charoltte Wear & Keveral Glololui

5th Millionaire shortbreads

Vicky Sullivan & Autumnal Flame over Wyrebeck

Chris Hewison & Casblaidd Mirror Lake

Sue Sinnott & Millola Handsome Man

Gill Awty & Venetian Red at Maddistream

6th Molly's Angels

Louise Peers & Tweedisle Lindores

Anne Kitching & Selloana Angels Dream

Natalie Horner & Pajanbeck Young at Heart

Molly Davis & Pajanbeck Heaven Can Wait



Working Event Team Winners

1st Redditch Racers

2nd The Odd One Out

3rd Millionaire Shortbread

4th Don’t judge us, we are trying

5th Hazey Daze

6th Molly’s Angels

Overall Working Award and winner of Open 

(Winner of engraved tumbler kindly donated by Roz & David Bellamy)

Gill Awty & Venetian Red at Maddistream

Overall Working Novice 1 Award

Caroline Hewison & Casblaidd Island in the Sky

Overall Working Novice 2 Award

Julie Matthews & Ollersett Shining Nymph

Overall Working Novice Dog/Novice Handler Award

Vicky Sullivan & Autumnal Flame over Wyrebeck

Overall Working Puppy Award

Jane Calverly & Gwenadillo Tweetie Pie

Show Event Team Winners

1st Redditch Racers

2nd Hazey Daze

3rd The Odd One Out

4th Molly’s Angels

5th Don’t judge us, we are trying

6th Millionaire Shortbread

Overall Best in Match 

(Winner of engraved tumbler kindly donated by Sarah Egginton)

David Savory & Hopevalley Morning Arizona

Reserve Best in Match

Caroline Hewison & Casblaidd Island in the Sky

Best Puppy Special Award

Jane Calverly & Gwenadillo Tweetie Pie

Best of the Rest Special Award

Louise Peers & Tweedisle Lindores

Reginald Cooke USBs

Due to the high demand for the Reginald Cooke USBs the first batch have sold out. Therefore we will have more available shortly. 
The USB are available through the FCRS Shop by contacting Mandy Romeo-Dieste at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yellow Flatcoated Retrievers

It has been brought to the attention of the Flatcoated Retriever Society that there are some breeders who are intentionally breeding yellow Flatcoats or are intending to introduce them into their breeding programmes. These aims are unsuitable for a variety of reasons and following a discussion at a recent committee meeting it was felt that the following statement should be issued to make everyone aware of the background of the current situation.



In the early 1900s Labradors and Golden Retrievers were emerging as breeds in their own right but, as bloodlines were short, interbreeding was often carried out and at this time the same dogs could be found in Flatcoat, Labrador and Golden Retriever pedigrees. After the Second World War Flatcoats had become scarce and again some interbreeding was carried out in order to preserve the breed.

During the years after the war there were also dogs who had no Kennel Club registration Certificates and ‘2nd Class Registrations’ were allowed. This entailed taking a dog to an authority on the supposed breed and if this expert decided it was a typical specimen a form was signed. This then entitled the dog to be put on the ‘B’ register and its progeny were eligible for Kennel Club Registration.

Due to the foregoing circumstances the retriever breed have at times had close and interwoven blood relationships but this does not detract from the fact that in 1923 the original Breed Standard was drawn up which stated that the Flatcoated Retriever was black (liver was accepted in the 1940s). When most of the cross breeding was taking place genetics, and the mode of inheritance, were not widely known or even considered.

Black is a dominant inherited colour and unless both parents carry yellow genes one genetically pure black parent will ensure that only black puppies are produced. Therefore, if a Golden Retriever or yellow Labrador or Flatcoat is crossed with a pure black Flatcoat only black puppies will result. However these puppies will carry yellow recessive (hidden) genes and these genes can remain hidden for many generations until two dogs, who both carry this gene, are mated and then some yellow puppies can be born.


There are three options available for breeders of yellow Flatcoat puppies:


1.        Do not register these puppies but ensure they go to owners who appreciate that they are not registered and should never be     bred from

2.        Register the puppies with the Kennel Club and show their colour as yellow but also use the endorsement (b) which states        ‘Progeny not eligible for Registration’. Again new owners should appreciate that they should never be bred from and only         the breeder can remove this endorsement.

3.        Yellow Flatcoats are not recognised by the Kennel Club so should not be placed if shown under KC rules.

If yellow progeny are registered with the Kennel Club a record of their breeding is available. Registration certificates should be endorsed “Progeny not eligible for registration and they will be listed as “colour not recognised by the Kennel Club” If these puppies are not registered the Society would be grateful for relevant information about them.

It is important that, when possible, owners should be aware if their Flatcoat could carry the yellow gene. If your Flatcoat has produced yellow progeny you should inform any person who would have a direct interest. If you have yellow puppies in a litter the owners of the black siblings should be informed that their puppy could also carry the yellow gene. If a dog has sired yellow puppies any bitch owner wishing to use him should be informed.

It should be remembered that Flatcoats can now be DNA tested to determine whether they carry the yellow gene.


The yellow gene exists in some Flatcoats  and therefore yellow puppies will occasionally be produced, However, before breeding if it is known that your dog or bitch could carry the yellow gene every effort should be made to reduce the possibility of producing them i.e. do not use similar yellow producing lines. Guidance can always be sought from experienced knowledgeable breeders or consult your veterinary surgeon as Flatcoats can now be DNA tested to determine whether they carry the yellow gene.

If registered it is recommended that their registration certificates are endorsed “Progeny not eligible for registration” and also registered as “Colour not recognised by The Kennel Club”.

Finally it is considered unethical to breed from a yellow Flatcoat and it would not be in the best interests of the breed.

The Moon Isn't Made Of Green Cheese by Joan Mason

The Society have re-produced an interesting article written by the late Joan Mason and kindly allowed by Rosemary Talbot.  Please click on the link below to read.

The Moon Isn't Made Of Green Cheese 
by Joan Mason (first published in 1997)

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme

The Kennel Club run the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme providing a good level of training for all dogs and owners. It is a non-competitive scheme with standard courses enabling dogs/owners to achieve a Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold award. For more information please visit the Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Training Scheme page which has lots of useful links on the right hand side providing downloads for the above schemes and lists of training clubs.

Microchipping - New Law

From April 2016, every dog in England and Scotland will have to be microchipped in a move which the Government says will help reunite people with lost or stolen pets and track down the owners of vicious or illegal dogs.  Please read the link below for further information.

Behaviour Problems

Shirley Oxford is a qualified Animal Behaviourist with over 15 years experience and she is willing to help and advise (in confidence) anyone who has a problem with their dog. 

Shirley is well qualified being a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers (APDT), a chartered member of the Institute of Animal care, a Bereavement Counsellor and member of COAPE.  She has lectured on the subject at a college for several years and has also done a weekly programme on local radio.  Anyone wishing to contact Shirley may do so either by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by telephone 01243 377182.

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