Code of Practice

 Flatcoated Retriever Society

Rescue Rehousing & Welfare Scheme

 Code of Practice

Objectives of the Scheme

To place in loving, caring homes, Flatcoated Retrievers who, due to unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances, require rehousing and to assist where possible and / or appropriate, with welfare matters concerning Flatcoated Retrievers.

Rules of the scheme

1   General

         a)  In accordance with the resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting of 3 March 1991 the Scheme will be operated on its own merit and will be self supporting through fundraising and donations.

         b)  In accordance with the resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting of 3 March 1991 the Co-ordinator of the Scheme is an officer of the Flatcoated Retriever Society and subject to annual election. The Co-ordinator will submit a report on the scheme’s work to the Annual General Meeting of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.

                c)  A committee of Area Representatives will be appointed and a Chairman and Treasurer shall, where possible, be elected from these Representatives. The Treasurer will submit an annual statement of the accounts of the Scheme to the Annual General Meeting. The Scheme should, if possible, have a fundraiser who shall keep a record of all funds raised for inclusion in the annual statement. All the representatives of the Scheme must be members of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.           

2    Rescue & Rehousing Matters

        a) The Co-ordinator and the Area Representatives will be responsible for any rescued Flatcoated Retrievers but they can be assisted by any responsible person.

         b) If a breeder or responsible owner wishes to take responsibility for any urgent or non urgent rehousing, assistance can be given by the Co-ordinator regarding future owners from the scheme’s waiting list. The Co-ordinator will check with the new owners, if the rehousing is carried out in this way, that everything is satisfactory.

         c) The Scheme will not normally be liable to purchase rescued dogs, but every case will be considered on its own merit by a sub-committee of Representatives consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer, relevant Area Representatives and the Co-ordinator.

         d) Upon request to urgently rehouse/rescue a Flatcoated Retriever, efforts may be made to ascertain who the breeder of the dog is and then inform him of the situation. If the breeder or owner of a dog is not known or not able to take responsibility, the Co-ordinator will inform the appropriate Area Representative to deal with the situation. Official forms are provided and to be used when the Scheme becomes responsible for rehousing a Flatcoated Retriever. New homes for these rescued dogs may be visited for their suitability, unless vouched for by a responsible Member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.

         e) All new owners will be asked if they wish to make a donation to the Scheme and letters inviting donations will inform them that donations could be used for rescue, rehousing or welfare purposes.

         f) Area Representatives, in consultation with the Co-ordinator, may carry out non urgent rehousings at their discretion, but full details must be taken and sent to the Co-ordinator for record purposes.

         g) The Co-ordinator will keep a record of all enquires and will collate and record a list of prospective owners for Flatcoated Retrievers that are in need of rehousing. This list will be available for the use by any responsible owner of a Flatcoated Retriever.

                 h) The decision to put to sleep any rescued dog for any reason must be made by a qualified veterinary surgeon, the Area             

Representative, the breeder (if known) and the Co-ordinator.


         i) Registration Certificate If this is available for a rescued dog, which has been rehoused by the Scheme; it will be forwarded to the Co-ordinator, who will file it with the records. New owners will be informed that the certificate is only available to them if approved by the Scheme and an application in writing may be made to the Co-ordinator, for consideration by a sub committee, after they have had their Flatcoated Retriever for six months.

3    Welfare Matters

         a) If the Scheme is requested to become responsible for a welfare matter regarding a Flatcoated Retriever, approval must, unless in exceptional urgent circumstances, normally be obtained from a sub committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer, relevant Area Representative and the Co-ordinator. In urgent circumstances the Co-ordinator may approve up to £100 expenses for a welfare matter but will then inform the subcommittee as soon as possible of the circumstances.

         b) The Scheme will consider each welfare request on its own merit and the circumstances and individual needs of owners may be taken into account. Where possible and / or appropriate approval for use of the Scheme’s funds may be given, but the Scheme may later seek repayment of some or all of these funds, should the circumstances warrant it. Approval for the continued use of the Scheme’s funds for a particular welfare matter will normally be reviewed by the subcommittee every two weeks.

         c) With the approval of the Area Representatives, the fundraiser and the Co-ordinator of the Scheme, funds may be donated for worthwhile canine purposes which benefit the welfare of Flatcoated Retrievers.

4    Expenses

         a) All necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by the Co-ordinator, the Area Representatives and their helpers will be reimbursed. For record purposes expenses claims must be accompanied by receipts and details of how the expenses were incurred.

         b) Other reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the rehousing of a Flatcoated Retriever may be reimbursed, subject to approval of a sub committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer, relevant Area Representative and the Co-ordinator.

         c) All cheques made out from the Scheme’s bank account by the Treasurer will be countersigned by the Co-ordinator.

           The Code of Practice was approved by the Scheme’s Representatives and the general committee of the Flatcoated Society and published in the 1993 year book.


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