Chairperson: Inger Alexanderson

Secretary/National Co-ordinator: Jenny Morgan

Tel: 01686 630692

Treasurer: Heather Harley

The Scheme has representatives that cover the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Should you need assistance in rehousing a Flatcoated Retriever or are looking to give a loving, caring home to a Flatcoat, please contact the National Co-ordinator Jenny Morgan. In an emergency or if you need advice, contact the Schemes representative for your area.

Area Representatives

Central Midlands: Brian and Jane Jones 01530 834318

Central England: TBC contact National Co-ordinator Jenny Morgan in the interim

South East: Inger Alexanderson 07944 772930 or  0208 460 6055

South & Mid West: Brian Izzard 01425 673082

South West: Lindy Creighton-Clarke 01208 851406 or 07831 244976

East Anglia: Pam Stanley 01277 622823

Mid West England & South Wales: Cath Unsted 01905 831566

North Midlands: Kelly Holland 07805 712844

North Wales: Jenny Morgan 01686 630692

Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire: Helen Fox 01777 818043

North West: Hilary Buckley 01457 764174

Yorkshire: Debbie White 01757 228268

North East: Anne Harris  01668 283418

Scotland: TBC contact National Co-ordinator Jenny Morgan in the interim

Northern Ireland: Jenny Morgan 01686 630692

Southern Ireland: Alayne Wells 003 53 892271155

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