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250 Club

The "250" Club is the fund raising club of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.

There are occasionally a few numbers available and for more information please contact the 250 Club Co-Ordinator, Mrs Heather Harley, email: [email protected] for more information.

A single member is allowed two numbers and joint members four numbers. Each number is valued at £1 per month and may be paid for either in cash, cheque or bankers order annually.

Four numbers are drawn per month but for administrative purposes, the prizes will be paid quarterly. The amounts are as follows: 1st: - £30, 2nd - £20, 3rd - £15 and 4th - £10.

Each year at the Society's AGM, the annual profit of the "250" Club is divided into three. One third is the donated to the Flatcoated Retriever Society and the remaining two thirds divided into nine prizes for the Annual Draw, the first prize being £250.

There is also an Annual Non Winners draw held at the AGM. This is for all the members who have not won a prize during the last year and the prize money is the same as the monthly draw.

The results of monthly draws and the Annual draws can be found below:




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