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Committee Contacts

General Committee Contacts:

Brian Izzard - President

Jane Jones - Chairman and Year Book Editor

Jan Egginton - Vice Chairman and Secretary/National Co-ordinator of Rescue, Rehoming and Welfare Scheme

“Hello”, my name is Jan Egginton and I have been fortunate to have lived with the best breed in the world since a young child.

I have been a member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society since 1985 and my husband Paul and myself and our daughters Vicky and Sarah share the Pajanbeck affix.

This is the second time I have served on the General Committee and currently I am the Flatcoated Retriever Society Rescue,Rehoming and Welfare Coordinator a job close to my heart.
I am also Vice Chairman of the Society.

Our dogs are both shown and also work, equally at home on a shoot or in the show ring but first and foremost they are part of our family.
I am a Championship Show Judge and we breed a litter occasionally and as such the health and welfare of our breed is important to me as well as a Flatcoat that is ‘Fit for Function’, enabling it to do the job it was bred for.

Roz Bellamy - Hon. Secretary

Louise Jones - Hon. Show Secretary

Heather Harley - Hon. Treasurer and 250 Club Co-ordinator

Liz Branscombe - Hon. Health Secretary

I am Liz Branscombe, I have owned Flatcoats since 1986 and enjoy gundog training, working and showing my dogs. I have been a Veterinary Nurse since 1986 and worked in a multidiscipline veterinary referral practice for most of my career which has equipped me with a wealth of experience.

I have been a member of the Society for many years and in April 2011, I was pleased to join the Flatcoated Retriever Society Health sub-committee and in 2013 was elected to the Society’s General Committee. In 2015 I took on the role of Chair of the Health sub-committee and Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator when Val Jones retired. The Society role is now that of Honorary Health Secretary and as well as this I continue in the Kennel Club role for our breed. In 2016 I was nominated and won the Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator of the Year Award and I was extremely honoured to win the award for the second time in 2019.

The Health Sub-Committee continue to promote our breed health strategy and support initiatives to ensure a healthy future for the breed, we are always happy to offer advice, help and support for any owner of Flatcoated Retrievers.

Sarah Young - Hon. Working Test Secretary

My name is Sarah Young.

My husband and I have three flatcoats. All of the dogs work for me picking up on shoots, however our dogs are pet dogs first and foremost and love a sofa and a cuddle.

I’ve been a member of the Society’s General Committee since 2022 when I agreed to become the Society’s Honorary Working Test Secretary. My role is to organise the National Working Tests that the FCRS holds each summer. I also support the Area Working Test and Training Organisers who organise tests and training days in each of the Society’s seven areas - you will find the names and contact details for each of these Area Organisers listed in the Working section of our website (here).

In addition to co-ordinating the Working Tests and Training I sit on the Society’s General Committee and on the Field Trial Subcommittee.

Why do I do what I do? I like to see owners and dogs getting involved in gundog work as I love to see the dogs doing what they were bred to do, the sheer joy that this brings them and the positive benefits of engaging their brains and their noses as well as their bodies. I also hope to see more of our lovely breed competing at the upper levels, in working tests and field trials. Most of all I enjoy being around like minded people, having fun with our dogs.

Jane Manley - Hon. Field Trial Secretary

Brian Broadbent - Membership Secretary

Hello my name is Brian and I joined the General Committee in 2005. It is an honour to be a member of the team dedicated to supporting and protecting our truly wonderful breed.

I initially spent three years running the Society Shop and then took over the role of Membership Secretary in 2009 from Pat White. It is a responsible and time-consuming task but I get great satisfaction in trying to keep everything running smoothly and assisting and welcoming new Members.

My love of Flatcoats started when we welcomed our first boy into our lives in 1994 and I have just loved showing them.

Shirley Oxford - Area Representative Organiser

My name is Shirley.  I have lived with Flatcoated Retrievers for over 45 years, and they have been an important part of our family. I have served on the General Committee for many years and moved on to becoming the Area Representative Co-ordinator. I have judged the breed for more than 30 years at Championship level in this country and also enjoyed judging abroad. I offer support and advice as a Behaviourist for the Society. I have really enjoyed training, working and showing our wonderful breed I have enjoyed working with the General Committee, and remain committed to ensuring Flatcoats continue to be a Dual purpose breed.


Charlotte Wear - Society Shop

Lauren Broome - Junior Members’ Coordinator

Sarah Egginton - Newsletter Editor and Website Editor

Hello my name is Sarah and I joined the General Committee in March 2018 and I am also on the Show Sub-Committee. I have loved being part of these hard working committees who are dedicated to helping our wonderful breed.

Currently I am the Newsletter editor which is such a rewarding job and also the Website editor, so if you have any questions regarding these please feel free to email me.

I have had Flatcoats all my life, with my parents, sister, grand-parents, aunty and uncle all being involved with Flatcoats so they are very much an integral part of our lives.

I both show and work our Flatcoats and I truly believe in a Flatcoat being dual purpose. I love to watch a Flatcoat working in the field as it was bred to do but most importantly they are a part of the family. 

Jenny Campbell

Hi I’m Jenny Campbell (Ronevorg kennel) and I have been on the Society’s General Committee since 2021.
I have owned Flatcoats since 1988. I breed, show, judge and work my dogs. I enjoy all those activities equally as well as broader country activities including my show sheep! I am also on the Field Trial Sub Committee and am aiming to take my first Novice Test in 2023. 
I sat on the main Board of the Kennel Club 2020-2022, and am now on the KC Finance Committee. I am also the Breed Notes writer for the Our Dogs weekly newspaper. 

Lindsay Swan

I am Lindsay Swan. I have been a member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society for many years now and in 2023, I was voted onto the General Committee.

I have had Flatcoated Retrievers for over 30 years now. They are a wonderful breed, friendly and enthusiastic in all that they do. They bring great happiness into my life and I both show and work my dogs but most importantly, they are part of my family.

I am extremely interested in keeping our breed truly dual purpose. Watching them work and use the abilities that have been bred into them over many years is a joy.

I qualified as a vet at the Royal Veterinary College, London and spent many years in General Practice. I have a lifetime of experience with animals and with dogs in particular, and I hope this background will be helpful as a member of the General Committee.

Sharon Henesey

Other Main Contacts:

Inger Alexanderson -  Rescue and Rehoming Chairperson

Caroline Eley - Agility and Obedience

Shirley Johnson - Litter Secretary

Jenny Bird - Litter Secretary

Jane Alexander - Health Committee