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Committee Contacts

General Committee Contacts:

Jane Jones - Chairman and Year Book Editor

Jan Egginton - Vice Chairman and Secretary/National Co-ordinator of Rescue, Rehoming and Welfare Scheme

Roz Bellamy - Hon. Secretary

Louise Jones - Hon. Show Secretary

Heather Harley - Hon. Treasurer and 250 Club Co-ordinator

Sarah Young - Hon. Working Test Secretary

Brian Broadbent - Membership Secretary

Charlotte Wear - Society Shop

Sarah Egginton - Newsletter Editor and Website Editor

Kelly Holland

Liz Branscombe - Hon. Health Secretary

Jane Manley - Acting Hon. Field Trial Secretary

Shirley Oxford - Area Representative Organiser

Lauren Broome - Junior Members’ Coordinator

Jenny Campbell

Other Main Contacts:

Inger Alexanderson -  Rescue and Rehoming Chairperson

Caroline Eley - Agility and Obedience

Shirley Johnson - Litter Secretary

Jenny Bird - Litter Secretary

Jane Alexander - Health Committee