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If you are looking to purchase a puppy please call either Shirley or Jenny on the below contact numbers who actively keep a record of puppies available. 

Please telephone the Litter Secretaries rather than email, as we do not send out details of available puppies by email to maintain a personal touch and offer advice to potential new owners.

Litter Secretary

Jenny Bird

Litter Secretary

Shirley Johnson

Health information for potential puppy owners

Taken from the KC website: "Once you’ve found your breeder, it’s important that you find out about the health of your potential pup's parents. Having healthy parents is the best start to life a puppy can have. You should always find out what steps a breeder has taken to produce healthy puppies and how this compares to the steps that the Kennel Club recommend.

A responsible breeder will want to improve the health of the breed by breeding from only the best and healthiest dogs. Both the mother (dam) and father (sire) should have been tested or screened before mating and the results should have been carefully considered.

The Kennel Club Health Test Results Finder service allows you to check the parents' health, including:

If the breeder has not carried out some, or any, of the Kennel Club health screening recommendations you should ask why not. If a reasonable justification cannot be provided, then you may want to find an alternative breeder."

To see what test results are required for Flatcoated Retrievers, please click here: BVA KC Health testing

For any queries about Health, please see contact details by following this link:- Health Committee Contacts

Puppy Information Sheet

Please click the button below for advice and information for new owners of Flatcoated Retrievers.

The Breeders of all puppies registered on the Litter Book adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics which includes that "a Breeder will only breed from those Flatcoats believed to be clear of any known heriditary defects and which are not suffering from any acute problem.  To this effect, all breeding stock, including imported dogs, should be x-rayed for Hip Dysplasia and examined for Hereditary Cataract, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Pectinate Ligament Abnormality (PLA) under the BVA/KC Scheme". 

The Society can help with training and behaviour advice for Flatcoats of any age, further information can be found below:

Training and Behaviour Advice

The Society would like to offer all owners of Flatcoated Retrievers advice and support if you feel you need some help in training your Flatcoat.

We will endeavour to give you advice and where possible put you in touch with trainers who are experienced in training Flatcoated Retrievers in various disciplines. 

We have the working pages of this website for those interested in training their dogs for gundog work and Area Representatives will endeavour to help you find suitable training if you are interested in obedience, showing, agility and other activities.

We are also available to help with any behaviour problems with your dog, no matter what age they are.   We are keen for you to know we are here to help you in any way that we can. For further information please contact Shirley Oxford (Tel: 02392 264703)

Advice will be given in good faith, however the Society and the person giving advice cannot be held legally responsible.

We ask that you telephone at a reasonable time and unless an emergency not after 9p.m.

All information will be treated in confidence

Shirley Oxford COAPE  ChMIACE 

Warranty and Disclaimer

The Flatcoated Retriever Society recommend all breeders to issue a warranty and disclaimer form when selling their puppies. 

The form can be downloaded by clicking he button below, one copy to be retained by the breeder and the other to be by the new owner.