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Forthcoming Working Events Diary

Dear members, below is a list of events and training dates proposed for 2022 put together by the Field Trial Sub-committee. We may add more dates in the coming months, please check back regularly.

Schedules for the Working Tests will be published when the details are formalised. We are publicising the NEFRA and Southern Flatcoat events for two reasons, one so that we try to avoid date clashes and secondly and most importantly, so that we publicise as much information for owners wishing to train their flatcoat for working.
Helen Ford Ft Sec

Field Trials

Conditions and Regulations can be viewed 2022 FT Rules and Regs

Monday 14th November 2022 FCRS (breed only) Open field Trial, venue Ampton Estate, Suffolk, judges Mr R Tomlinson (A1962) Mrs G Hillier(A2280) Mr D Barnes(B2197) Mr M Polley(B3220)

2022 FCRS FT Schedule

FCRS FT_Entry_Form


Wednesday 23rd November 2022, Novice Field Trial, venue Avon Tyrrell Estate, Christchurch, Dorset, judges tbc

Schedules and further details will be available shortly.



Shooting Dog Certificate

Would anyone wishing to gain their SDC please contact Acting FT Sec Jane Manley to register an interest or for further details.

Further information and guidance regarding the Shooting Dog Certificate can be found here


Working Test Programme

23rd April 2022 - Midland Area Working Test, Harvington, Evesham

1st May 2022 - Inter Area Working Test

8th May 2022 - NEFRA Anniversary Working test

15th May 2022 - Central Area Working test, Standlake, Oxford

12th June 2022 - Southern Area FCRS and Southern Golden Retriever Society Joint Working Tests for Flatcoats and Goldens

3rd July 2022 - National Working Test

11th September 2022 - Central Area Unclassified Working test, Standlake, Oxford

Link to Bucks/Central Area Schedule


For training marked with an ‘*’ The FCRS advertise these independent events for your information but are not responsible for them and therefore makes no warranties or representations, express or implied to the suitability of them.


17th July 2022 - Introduction to Field Trials training Day, Standlake, Oxford Contact Vivienne Gatter [email protected] - due to the weather forecast this event has been postponed until Saturday 24th September.

FT Intro Day 2022 Further Information

Monday 17th October 2022 - Live Game training at Ampton Estate, restricted to eight handlers. Please contact Helen Ford if you would like to attend and for more information, there will be a ballot if numbers exceed places. 

Upcoming events

*Additional information relating to training that handlers might be interested in attending. These are not formal society events. Contact the relevant person for more information*


Vivienne Gatter holds regular training on Fridays in Oxfordshire contact Email: [email protected]


Water Training near Christchurch, Dorset, contact Jane Manley Email: [email protected]


Sheila Neary holds training on Exmoor on Sundays contact Email: [email protected]


South West training with Steve Ashby and / or Helen Ford contact area organiser Sara Thurgood [email protected]