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The Flatcoated Retriever Society Events List

NEFRA Working Test

NEFRA working test at Roan Lodge near Buxton. Puppy and Novice, (and possibly veteran if enough interest)Saturday 27th August

Central Area Unclassified Working test

Central unclassified Working tests, Standlake, Oxford Please see link below for Schedule: https://www.flatcoated-retriever-society.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Bucks-WT-Schedule-SP-11092022.pdf

Introduction to Field Trials training Day

Introduction to Field Trials training Day,Standlake, Oxford Contact Vivienne Gatter [email protected] FCRS Intro to Field Trial Training Day.  This event was to be held at Standlake on Sunday 17 July but due to the weather forecast it has been postponed until Saturday 24 September.  As a result I have some spaces for handlers.  Your dog should be reasonably steady and stop and direct but need not be ready to enter a trial.  In fact it may be that your current dog will never be ready but you might think about entering a trial with a future dog. It is for people to learn