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Criteria For The Society's Judges' List

Judging Application Form (for inclusion on the Societys Judging Lists)*

Judges Update Form (for updating information)

Judges List updated May 2023 to find a Flatcoated Retriever Judge; (Breed Specialists and All Rounders)

Breed Education Coordinator (BEC)

Sandra Stevenson

Email: [email protected]

Assistant Breed Education Coordinator

Lauren Broome

Email: [email protected]



Breed Education Coordinator (BEC) Report 2021 Read Victoria Goldberg's report

Data Protection - FCRS Judges List

After listening to members concerns regarding data protection and consultation with the Kennel Club, the Judges & Show Sub Committee are now able to offer judges the option of  having their postal or Email address published on the judges list.

a) name, email address and phone number
b) full postal address, post code, phone number

Please contact Louise Jones via email: [email protected] to advise of any changes to be made to your details.

It should be noted that it is the individuals responsibility to advise the Hon. Show Secretary of any changes in their details so that the list can be updated accordingly.