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Membership Information

For information about joining the Flatcoated Retriever Society, please contact Brian Broadbent, the Membership Secretary, on 01702 545348 or email him via the link on the Contacts Page. 

The Application Form together with the Code of Ethics can be downloaded from this website using the buttons below (or despatched to you via email or by post).

A necessary procedure in joining is the requirement for new applicants to be proposed and seconded by two existing paid up members (and entered and signed on the form).  The easiest way to obtain sponsors is to ask your breeder as most are members.  Partners can both sign if they have joint membership.  Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have any difficulty with this.

For the initial subscription payment, a cheque should accompany your application please. The preferred method of payment in future years is by Standing Order payable annually on 1st January (in line with 80% of the membership).  Banking arrangements made on-line are acceptable.  

A Standing Order Mandate can be downloaded by clicking the button below. For overseas applicants, annual payments by IBAN bank transfer system are acceptable (please contact the Membership Secretary for details).

Commencing in 2014, new applications for membership will be considered for approval by the Committee at more regular intervals than previously (a maximum of 8 weeks).

United Kingdom

Single Member: £20.00

Joint Member: £25.00

Single Senior Citizens: £13.00 (over 60 years)

Joint Senior Citizens: £18.00 (one partner over 60 years)

Juniors (up to the age of 18): FREE  (If, at the age of 18, a Junior Member wishes to become a Full Member with voting rights, he/she will pay the single membership as above)

Gamekeepers:There are reduced rates for bona fide gamekeepers - set the same as for Senior Citizens.


Single Members: £25.00

Joint Members: £30.00

Single Senior Citizen: £20.00 (over 60 years)

Joint Senior Citizens: £25.00 (one partner over 60 years)

Outside Europe

Single Members: £25.00

Joint Members: £32.00

Single Senior Citizens: £20.00 (over 60 years)

Joint Senior Citizens:   £25.00 (one partner over 60 years)

Each County or region has a Member specially appointed to look after the well-being of Flatcoats and their owners in that area.  These Area Representatives are very approachable and usually a great help with any assistance needed and providing general advice, information on events, shows, activities, training etc., going on locally.

Visit the Area Representatives page for further information >>

Upon acceptance new members will receive annually the 200 page Yearbook which has a mass of information, details of events, training, health news, results of hip and eye tests, results of the past year's activities and successful dogs with many photographs together with a list of all our members. 

A Newsletter is also published each year, which contains news and members articles as well as the Society Breed Open show and working results. A Society Calendar is also produced yearly with all profit from the sales being donated to chosen charities. The society also has an active Facebook page: 

Visit the Flat Coated Retriever Societies Facebook Page >>

Upcoming Events