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The Nationals – 15.7.07

Venue:  The Bentley Estate, Upper Bentley, Worcs

Judges: Ken Butler (B1842), Chris Gwilliam, Steve Richardson, Mrs Sally Richardson


On behalf of the FT Sub and myself, I would like to congratulate the award winners. 


Despite the rain and having to move the venue at the eleventh hour (literally!), I hope you all enjoyed the day and thank you for bearing with us whilst we re-scheduled everything this morning; the sporting atmosphere, which was present all day, is a testimony to the breed and its owners.  I would also like to thank the Stewards and Dummy Throwers – you all did a sterling job and we could not have managed without you.  A special thanks to Paul Egginton, who, as Steward of the Beat, shouldered the venue change superbly and set very good, challenging tests which reflected a typical shooting day.



The National Novice  (27 entries, 2 absent)


1st     Fran Robb's Waverton Damson Wine at Meldorpher  B  6.3.03

          (Waverton Toby Ale x Waverton Bucks Fizz)

          H/O: Fran Robb   Breeder: Mr and Mrs David Hutchison


2nd    Gordon Blyth's Jango Black Satin  B  30.4.04

          (Casblaidd Game Rights x Mapledurwell Summer Truffle)

          H: Gordon Blyth   O/B: Mr and Mrs Gordon Blyth


3rd    Enid Pratt's Benvellyn Sapphire  B  22.6.01

         (Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves x Benvellyn Athena)

         H/O: Enid Pratt   Breeder: Mr and Mrs Brian Jones


4th    Gill Awty's Rainbow Queen  B  20.2.05

         (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Black Venus)

         H/O: Gill Awty   Breeder: Vicky Wellfair


COM  J. Winder's Wingthors Charming MIss at Windstock  B  25.2.05

          (Inkwells Let It Be x A Number Thirteen of Silkman's Castle)

          H/O: J. Winder   Breeder:  Mrs C Seideman 


          Lisa Harris' Hawksthorn Damson  B  23.4.05

          (Campnight Sky of Twill x Hawksthorn Damselfly)

          H/O/B: Lisa Harris



The National Open  (20 entries, 2 absent)


1st     Di Heywood's Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood  B 15.6.03

          (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

          H/O: Di Heywood   Breeder: Judy Seall


2nd    Chris Damon's Desert Echo  D  19.3.02

          (Flood of Laughter x Stamford High Star)

          H/O: Chris Damon  Breeder: Mrs M. Vaughan-Lee


3rd     Brian Travers' Waverton Elderberry Wine  D  21.3.05

          (Belsud Brown Burgundy x Varingo Victoria with Waverton)

          H/O: Brian Travers   Breeder: Mr and Mrs David Hutchison


COM   Lisa Harris' Rondix Woodcock of Hawksthorn  D  14.4.04

           (Tarncourt Gorse x Rondix Mole)

           H/O: Lisa Harris   Breeder:  Hon Mrs Rona Dixon


           Rob Willatts' Moormill Nilandu  D  3.4.03

           (Varingo Richboy x Noontime Alnet of Moorrmill)

           H/O:  Rob Willatts   Breeder:  Mr S. Green