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Novice Stake – 28.11.07

144th Field Trial Meeting

Venue:   Large Farm, Eagle, Lincs

Judges:  Mr. P. Wagland, Mr. S. Crookes, Mrs. A. Crookes and Mr. D. Bellamy


1st      Lisa Harris' Rondix Woodcock at Hawksthorn  D  14.4.04

           (Tarncourt Gorse x Rondix Mole)

           H/O   B: Hon Mrs. R. Dixon


COM   Sheila Neary's Warresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm  D  6.2.03

           (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Polka Popsy)

           H/O   B: Dr. T. Woodgate-Jones


Guns' Choice was

           Diane Heywood's Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood  B  15.6.03

           (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

           H/O   B: Mrs. J. Seall