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SDC – 4.1.08

Venue:   Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset

Judges:  Dr. T. Woodgate-Jones (A panel) and Mr. M. White


'A' Certificates were awarded to:


Mr and Mrs Richard Rosser's Mahinda Chamomile  B  18.5.05

(Camp Night Sky of Twill x Tegwyn Red Spirit)

H:  Hilary Rosser   O/B: Mr and Mrs Richard Rosser


Lisa Harris' Hawksthorn Damson  B  23.4.05 

(Camp Night Sky of Twill x Hawksthorn Damselfly)



'B' Certificates were awarded to:


Lynette Irwin's Bumblyn Morannon  B  28.4.03

(Flood of Laughter x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)



Peter Malski's Brillen Dartmoor Dancer  B  22.7.05

(Wispavale Cedar x Brillen Mystic Maid)

H/O   B: Mrs Brenda Best


Gay Kennedy's Bumblyn Frea  B  6.3.04

(Casblaidd Game Rights x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)

H/B:  Lynette Irwin