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Championship Show Results 2013

A full set of result for any of the Championship Shows listed below can either be found on Fossedata or the Higham Press web sites, the links are on our Links page.  Please click on the name of the show you wish to see the results for.

LKA – 14th December 2013
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland – 9th November 2013
Midland Counties Canine Society – 27th October 2013
Gundog of Society of Wales – 16th October 2013
South Wales Kennel Assoc. -11th October 2013
Belfast Dog Show – 28th September 2013
Driffield Agricultural Society – 20th September 2013
Darlington Ch Show – 15th September 2013
Richmond Ch Dog Show – 8th September 2013
City of Birmingham – 1st September 2013
Scottish Kennel Club – 25th August 2013
The Welsh Kennel Club 2013 – 18th August 2013
United Retriever Club – 14th August 2013
Bournemouth Ch Show – 11th August 2013
National Gundog Assoc. – 4th August 2013
Paignton & District – 3rd August 2013
Leeds Ch Show – 28th July 2013
East of England Agricultural Society – 7th July 2013
Windsor Ch Show – 27th June 2013
Blackpool Ch Show – 22nd June 2013
Border Union Agricultural Ch Sh – 15th June 2013
Three Counties – 9th June 2013
Southern Counties – 31st May 2013
Bath – 25th May 2013
Scottish Kennel Club – 18th May 2013
Birmingham (National)  – 10th May 2013 
WELKS. –  26th April 2013
Manchester– 20th January 2013
Boston – 11th January 2013