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Junior Handling: 40th Ruby Anniversary Breed Championship Show: Sunday 3rd April 2016

Breed show 12


1st Meaylee Lewis and 2nd Abby Bellamy : Judge Miss Melissa Osborne-Brown Clas for 12-16 year olds


Breed show 11


1st Robert Beevers age 10 in Class 6-11 year olds



6- 11 years     1st Robert Beevers handling Bramatha Brownie (Brownie)         

                         2nd Abbie Looker handling Telurn Better be Good (Dudley)

                         3rd Ben Colson handling Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows (Daisy)

                        4th Maisie Ballard-West handling Ch Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Douglas)

12-16 years   1st Meaylee Lewis handling Draketor Sea Gypsy among Fairwinds (Gypsy)

                        2nd Abby Bellamy handling Bochilbarley Izzy’s Moon at Moontorn (Jess)


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