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The Animal Health Trust (AHT)/Kennel Club (KC) Give a Dog a Genome Project

The AHT and the KC genetics centre have recently launched a research project called ‘Give a Dog a Genome’ (GDG) the aim is to sequence the entire genome (2.4 billion letters of DNA) of 50 dog breeds. The resulting information will increase the ability to identify mutations which cause inherited diseases.

It costs approximately £2000 to sequence a genome however the 50 breed clubs who agree to join the project will be asked to contribute £1000 as the GDG work will be part funded by the KC Charitable trust. The Flatcoated Retriever Society’s General Committee has agreed to support the participation of our breed in this initiative by making a donation to the research project. 

Further information about the project can be viewed at www.aht.org.uk/gdg   

Give a Dog a Genome Project October 2017 update
November 2016 update