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Judges Show Reports

To read the reports please click on the appropriate link.

Southern Counties Championship Show 5/6/16 – Sarah Whittaker 

Three Counties Championship Show 9/6/16 – Sharron Enticknap

Blackpool Championship Show 25/06/16 – Miss Kelly Holland

Windsor Championship Show  2/7/16 – Judge: Mrs Maureen Scott

East of England Championship Show 10/07/16

National Gundog Association 7/08/16

South Wales Kennel Association 7/10/16

Joint Flatcoated Retriever Clubs Championship Show  15/10/16 – Dog Report by Mrs Val Orme
                                                                                                      – Bitch Report by Mrs Gemma Jacobs

NEFRA Championship Show 6/11/16 – Dog Report by Dr. Ruth Barbour  
                                                            – Bitch Report by Miss Louise Jones 

Gundog Breeds Assoc of  Scotland Ch Show – Judges Report: Mr Roger Millbank (12/11/16)