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FCRS UK – Virtual Events Program : Puppy Photographs Winners

We would just like to say a huge thank you for all your ‘Puppy photos – Under 6 months’.
We had an amazing 81 entries for our judge Den Orme to go through, which I am sure you can imagine was not an easy task. Unfortunately we could not give 81 1st places as Den would have liked to.
Den chose his final winners on what he thought ‘epitomises a Flatcoat puppy’
Congratulations to all our winners.
1st – No 43 – Henley owned by Gerry Lloyd/Gemma Jacobs
2nd – No 11 – Ole owned by Jill Stringer
3rd – No 68 – Musto owned by Dom & Mel Salt
4th – No 80 – Daisy owned by Pat, Edward & Nicky Colson
5th – No 26 – Alfie owned by Mr D Nicholson & Mr A D Brown

1st Puppy Competition

2nd Puppy Photo Competition

3rd Puppy Photo Competition

4th Puppy Photo Competition

5th Puppy Photo Competition