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FCRS Annual General Meeting 2022 – Officer and Committee Positions

FCRS Annual General Meeting 2022
Sunday 27th March 2022 at Grounds Farm, Wishaw B76 9PQ at 11.00 a.m.

Anyone can stand for a position on the FCRS committee when they have been a member of the Society for 3 years.


The Hon. Secretary, Mrs Jenny Bird , is not standing for re-election.

The Working Test Secretary, Mr Graham Clelland, is not standing for re-election.

All Officers are re-elected annually at the AGM.

For any member wishing to stand for an Officer position the following should be sent to the Hon. Secretary by 31st January 2022.
A letter of proposal of the nominee, a letter seconding the nominee, a letter from the nominee confirming willingness to stand and a CV from the nominee.


Committee members are elected for a term of 3 years after which they can stand for re-election.

Mrs. Jenny Campbell, Miss. Kelly Holland and Mrs. Charlotte Wear have completed their terms of office and are willing to stand for re-election.

For anyone wishing to stand for election to the committee the procedure is exactly the same as that of the election of Officers.


Claims for AGM Trophies should be sent to the Hon. Sec. by 14th February 2022.