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Health Testing at the FCRS Championship show 2023

The following health testing sessions will be carried out at the Society Championship
show to be held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ
on April 2nd 2023.

Eye Testing Session
BVA Eye Panellist Lorna Newman BVM&S Cert VOphthal MRCVS will be attending the
show to carry out gonioscopy (and standard eye examinations if required). The BVA
recommend Flatcoated Retrievers are screened by gonioscopy examination for
Pectinate Ligament Dysplasia (PLA), also referred to as Goniodysgenesis (G), every
three years and in addition receive a standard eye examination annually.
At the show gonioscopy will be £45, standard eye examination £45 or £80 for both
tests for the same dog. The Flatcoated Retriever Society will support the testing of
older dogs by offering to subsidise the fee by £20 for gonioscopy examination of
members’ Flatcoats aged 8 years and over.

Please note, regular eye testing is important in all Flatcoats as a health monitoring tool, it is not only limited to dogs that
may be used for breeding.

To attend this session:
o Dogs must be six months of age or over
o All dogs must be permanently identified (by microchip or tattoo) before
o Please bring the relevant KC owner registration document with you and any
previous eye certificates issued for your dog
o Payment by cash or cheque only

FCRS Patellar screening
Jane Alexander BVet Med Cert BA, MRCVS will be offering patellar screening at the
show, read more information about the scheme: https://www.flatcoated-retrieversociety.org/images/frcsscreening.pdf
Members: £15 for first dog, £12 for subsequent dogs in same ownership.
Non-members £25 per dog.
o Dogs must be 12 months of age or over
o Please bring the relevant KC owner registration document with you
o Payment by cash or cheque only
Appointments for either testing session should be made in advance by contacting Liz
Branscombe Tel: 01525 405884 or email: [email protected]
NB, there is a minimum number of bookings required to make either of these
sessions viable, so please do support this health testing initiative.