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FCRS Live Game Training Day Report

The FCRS held its first Live Game Training Day of the season on 14/9/23 at Sutton near Woodbridge, hosted by the keeper Richard Beckerleg. The day was walked up on partridge through a variety of crops including beet. The weather was warm and sunny with a light breeze. The scenting conditions were variable and some dogs at times had to persevere to get their retrieves. In doing so gaining a lot of valuable experience when they did achieve. There was ample game and the guns shot well providing the dogs with plenty of retrieves. The line was managed by Richard Beckerleg while Ron Lane and Dick Pettett both did an excellent job sending from each end of the line.  The dogs and handlers all benefitted from the opportunity to practice their heel work, steadiness, marking and retrieving. For most of the dogs this was the first time out this season and for several it was their first time on partridge. All did very well and improved in confidence as the day progressed.
The FCRS generously provides a subsidy available for members to claim towards the cost of live game training. This initiative was introduced to encourage members to train their Flatcoats on live game,  in order to progress to trialling their dogs. £50 may be claimed up to twice in one year by members towards any live game training on production of a receipt. A claim form can be obtained from the Treasurer Heather Harley, email [email protected].