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In partnership with the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) Canine Health Schemes, The Kennel Club’s (KC) health team is hosting a series of free webinars for anyone wishing to find out more about the following health screening schemes:

  • BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme
  • BVA/KC Elbow Dysplasia Scheme
  • BVA/KC/ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) Eye Scheme

A webinar about the BVA/KC Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Schemes will take place on Tuesday 14 November (from 7:00pm to 8:15pm), and will be joined by specialists, Dr Jerry Davies and Mrs Elizabeth Baines. Those interested in attending this webinar can register here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/b959dac9-ce5d-484d-9218-8390a3a34bc3@39b82a55-e5f2-48c9-8e13-feb1a568f5ec

The second webinar about the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme will take place on Tuesday 28 November (from 7:00pm to 8:15pm). Those interested in attending this webinar can register here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/4992b09b-e105-4dcf-84fa-55e9f577509e@39b82a55-e5f2-48c9-8e13-feb1a568f5ec

Hip and elbow dysplasia are complex inherited conditions where the hip/elbow joint does not develop correctly. As a dog gets older, the joint undergoes wear and tear and deteriorates, leading to a loss of function. This can cause varying degrees of pain, discomfort, stiffness and lameness. Although hip and elbow dysplasia are controlled by a number of different genes and influenced by several environmental factors some breeds have a higher risk of developing these conditions. The BVA/KC Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Schemes were established to reduce the incidence of severity of these conditions. They use X-rays to identify abnormalities in the joints and help breeders to make informed breeding decisions to lower the risk of producing affected puppies.

Several known hereditary eye diseases, whether present at birth or emerging later in life, can seriously impact your dog’s health and welfare, causing pain, blindness and/or the need for lifelong medication. The BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme is a physical eye examination carried out by expert veterinary ophthalmologists to identify inherited and non-inherited eye conditions in dogs. This screening scheme allows breeders to better understand the genes a dog may pass on to its puppies and reduce the risk of inherited diseases appearing in future generations.

Join our webinars to learn more about what research has told us to date including causes, symptoms, available screening schemes, and best practice in breeding. Both webinars will include a 45-minute presentation from the specialists. This will be followed by a 30-minute question and answer session, giving attendees a chance to put forward their queries and experiences for discussion (questions can also be pre-submitted at the time of registration).